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Stanley Tucci Joins Patient Zero

Stanley Tucci Natalie Dormer Matt Smith Stefan Ruzowitzky Vincent Newman

Stanley Tucci has joined the cast of 'Patient Zero'.

The 54-year-old actor will play the villainous role in the upcoming film, which also stars Natalie Dormer and Matt Smith, Deadline reports.

The movie begins where a global pandemic of rabies has evolved a whole new species, which are driven by violence. A human survivor - who is immune to the super strain - has the ability to communicate with this species and will lead a hunt to find Patient Zero to help rid humanity from the infection.

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Deadfall Trailer

Addison and Liza are brother and sister and partners in crime who rob a casino in order to make a better life for themselves in Canada after a troubled homelife when they were younger. However, things go badly wrong when their getaway car overturns whilst driving through a freezing blizzard killing their driver. When a police car pulls up nearby to see if everyone's OK, Addison shoots the approaching officer before suggesting he and his sister split up and ordering Liza to hitch a ride. She is eventually picked up, shivering, by former boxer Jay who is heading to his parents' and offers to take her in for Thanksgiving . She soon finds herself falling for him and struggles to cope with her protective feelings towards him. Meanwhile, Addison is getting into serious trouble elsewhere leaving a trail of bodies as he attempts to retreat into hiding. Things take a shocking turn when the siblings meet up at Jay's parents' house and Liza finds herself torn between the two people she loves the most.

'Deadfall' is the hard-hitting, morally questionable story about the trials and tribulations of family loyalty and true love with a thrilling cast and exhilarating action. It has been directed by Stefan Ruzowitzky ('The Counterfeiters', 'Anatomy', 'Die Siebtelbauern') and written by Zach Dean in his screenwriting debut and is due out in the US on December 7th 2012.

Starring: Eric Bana, Olivia Wilde, Charlie Hunnam, Kate Mara, Sissy Spacek, Kris Kristofferson & Treat Williams.

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2012 Tribeca Film Festival - Deadfall Premiere - Arrivals

Stefan Ruzowitzky and Tribeca Film Festival - Director Stefan Ruzowitzky Sunday 22nd April 2012 2012 Tribeca Film Festival - Deadfall premiere - Arrivals

Stefan Ruzowitzky and Tribeca Film Festival

The Counterfeiters Review

Stefan Ruzowitzky's The Counterfeiters opens on a beach in Monte Carlo where Salomon Sorowitsch (the great Karl Markovics) is sitting in a nice suit and a briefcase. Ten minutes later, Salomon walks into the swankest hotel in the gambling paradise and opens the case to reveal a king's bounty of crisp bills. You'd think the guy was James Bond's ragged older brother but, in truth, the guy has earned the right to be a ruthless money-spender.

Based on the true account of a group of Jewish counterfeiters that worked for the Nazis, Ruzowitzky casts Sorowitsch as the morally negligent foreman of a group of counterfeiters. Already an accomplished counterfeiter before being caught, Salomon (his friends call him Solly) gets put in job of the money counterfeiting operation by Herzog (an impressively whiny Devid Striesow), the commander of his current camp and the man who originally arrested Salomon.

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The Inheritors Review

In 1930s rural Austria, a crazy old peasant woman kills the farmer who runs the estate on which she works. The misanthropic farmer leaves the land to the peasants on his staff just out of spite for humanity, and sparks fly among the dim-witted "one-seventh farmers" and their greedy next-door neighbor, culminating in one tragedy after another. A not entirely successful trip from comedy to drama, though the first half is a far more interesting picture.

Think of it as Animal Farm without the animals. Which I guess just makes it Farm.

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Anatomy Review

I've never trusted physicians. Probably never will, and for good reason: Rising above tepid slasher fare, German import Anatomy shows just how gruesome hospitals, doctors, and all their trappings can be.

Starring Run Lola Run's Franka Potente, the story recalls Extreme Measures (though skewing younger), a tale of a secret society of doctors and med students that disavow the Hippocratic oath, instead opting to do grotesque experiments on living, often perfectly healthy, patients.

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Anatomy 2 Review

When young medical student Jo Hauser (Barnaby Metschurat) leaves his small town and his crippled brother for an internship at a Berlin hospital, he quickly becomes aware of Professor Muller-LaRousse (Herbert Knaup), who holds sway as a famous neurosurgeon revered by a group of doctors chosen to be part of his secret clan. Its purpose is to assist his revolutionary development of computer-controlled muscle replacement and is based on disavowing the Hippocratic Oath as an undesirable obstruction to advanced science, like his project to build body parts for a master race.

Hauser is eventually invited to join and, after accepting all legal responsibility for anything that may come of it, embraces the rare privilege of being one of the insiders and an experimental guinea pig. Sexy doctor Viktoria (Heike Makatsch) takes the innocent intern under her wing and inside her panties for a chemically enhanced morale boost in the lab. It's her job to keep him loyal and beyond the reach of nurse Lee (beautiful Filipina Rosie Alvarez), a stable, sensitive type who has fallen for the finer attributes of the young intern. Lee remains his island of sensibility even when she discovers that her boy has volunteered to have synthetic muscles implanted in his legs in order to beat everyone on the soccer field. It's not too long before unrestrained experimentation turns diabolical and homicidal, as does any reason to take any of it seriously.

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