Scottish 7 piece the State Broadcasters have now unleashed the hilarious yet quite frankly heart-warming video for their new song 'Trespassers' which is featured on their newly released second studio album 'Ghosts We Must Carry' out now on Olive Grove records.

It has been created by That Lovely Lot who made the video out of their love of creating magical and animated films. It features double bassist Cameron Maxwell in a moth outfit conveying the lonely and unwelcome life of the light bulb loving creature. Although it's hilarious watching him get swept out of someone's house after being electrocuted by a light bulb and getting beaten with a sandwich board by a Christian street preacher, the video and the dreamy ballad contain a rather more serious underlying message about the way people treat each other. It's a perfect promotional video for this album which focuses on how we are forever haunted by our actions and the actions of others. 'The "ghosts" in the title are the burdens we carry with us as we get older, the things we've done or had done to us that still hurt - actions and memories that occasionally haunt us', the band explain. 

The State Broadcasters are multi-instrumentalist supergroup made up of frontmen Graeme Black and Pete MacDonald, Fergus MacDonald, Gillian Fleetwood, Cameron Maxwell, Susan Appelbe, and Andrew Samson.