There’s something eerie about watching the new Star Wards bloopers clip, which you can do below. Not only is the galaxy far, far away something intangible and mystical for the franchise’s fans, but given that reels of this nature from before the 90s are so rare, seeing Han Solo eat his microphone is just… it’s weird.

Star Wars
These bleepers and bloopers are just the start of things

The clip was shown at Comic Con, and, despite about a million copyright infringements, remains on YouTube, thank the Lord of the Jedis. Highlights include hapless stormtroopers falling down despite lasers hitting walls meters away; one of the alien’s dislocating his finger in a rather tame fight, Obi Wan Kenobi giving Chewbacca a ridiculous look, and, of course, ol’ Han Solo consuming his headset.

Lucasfilm book division author and editor J.W. Rinzler was lucky enough to stumble upon the footage while compiling archive footage for a ‘making-of’ production. The Star Wars films are in vogue; Episode 7, with J.J. Abrams is on the way following Disney’s purchase of LucasFilm and rights to all future Star Wars action. Reports suggest its 2015 release will take place in the spring or summer.

One possible returnee to the franchise is Harrison Ford, who played the mercurial Han Solo in the original three movies. He’s just starred in Ender’s Game, and wouldn’t be averse to another sci-fi stint. According to Jedi News, “Ford wanted to see the synopsis for his character’s development over more than just Episode 7. He saw this in August and is happy with the story arc.”

Watch the bloopers reel here:

But any inclusion of the veteran actor might depend on Lucasfilm’s dedication to another Indiana Jones movie; the fifth in an already stretched franchise.

“Ford wanted a commitment to Indy 5. He did not get this as there is no plot line or script in place. What did happen was an agreement was made wherein an outline would be developed by the end of calendar year 2014, and if all parties can agree to it moving forward, efforts would be made to move on Indy 5 for release before the end of 2016,” the site added.