If three new Star Wars films weren't enough, with Disney looking to reboot the franchise following their $4.05b purchase of Lucasfilm last year, then fans can expect some spin off films to focus on some of the films' most loved characters. 

"We have opportunity and good ideas out there, and creators who are really interested in flushing out those ideas, and we're going for it", Chief executive Bob Iger told CNBC. And with mooted Star Wars Theme Parks on the way, a few spin-offs should be the least our worries.  

Yoda - of course - is one of those. In fact he's officially the 25th most loved film character of all time, if you subscribe to Empire's way of thinking, that is. But what could the film be about? Well, details of how the diminutive Jedi master came to be are scarce, so there's plenty of material there for a full story, unless you're Peter Jackson and fancy a trilogy. 

Darth Vader is another character ripe for exploration. While episodes I, II, and III did uncover how the Tatooine-born Anakin Skywalker came to be the Sith Lord, there is plenty yet to be explored. For instance, he is 9-years-old in the prequel, The Phantom Menace, but then jumps to 19 in Attack of The Clones. We want to see Darth Vader's first date and first car, please.

Then you've got Chewbacca - although we're not sure how fans would take to an entirely subtitled film - and Han Solo, who, if Harrison Ford is anything to go by, should have died in the original film franchise. Either way, we'd love to see some of Solo's intergalactic capers as he dodges bounty hunters and Jabba The Hut to deliver questionable payloads. Boba Fett also proved a popular choice with many people discussing who is deserved of their own spinoff. 

Episodes VII, VIII and IX will be made over a six-year period starting in 2015, with the stand alones being produced at the same time. So, by 2021 we could have something like six new Star Wars films.