A naked sex scene with Star Wars star Carrie Fisher literally made the actress' WHITE LIGHTNIN' co-star sick - because he'd drank so much champagne.
Edward Hogg, who plays real-life alcoholic dancer Jesco White in the film, admits love scenes with his childhood pin-up were awkward and embarrassing - and he threw up after their final intimate encounter.
The actor explains, "In one of the scenes we shot, which didn't make it in the movie, we pop champagne in the bath together and I had to drink about a half bottle down.
"We did about seven takes, so I'd drunk about three bottles of real champagne by the time we finished the scene. I had to run down the road after that and felt so sick from the champagne that I just threw up."
And when he wasn't being violently sick, Hogg admits he was suffering from chronic embarrassment.
He tells WENN, "I must've seen one of the first three Star Wars movies every Christmas since I was six years old and Carrie was lovely to me; she knew what she was doing.
"I had never shot a love scene before this and they put a sock thing over my naughty bits and stuck it with gaffer tape. It was so embarrassing because I felt like I had this terrible skin graft across my area, not an attractive thing. It felt horrendous."