It was a bitter sweet weekend for the team behind Star Trek Into Darkness, after the much-anticipated film managed to top the US Box Office on its debut weekend with exceptionally high figures, yet missed the figure of $100 million it was hoping for and even the figure set by its predecessor in 2009.

There’s been a lot of hype surrounding the new JJ Abrams film, but when was all said and done we reckon they’ll be disappointed with how it’s gone Stateside, with the film taking in a still-impressive $70.6 million, but one which pales in comparison to the hoped-for target and the $75.2 million taken in by 2009’s Star Trek. Trailing behind it was Iron Man 3, which posted still-respectable figures of $35.2 million, while The Great Gatsby was in third place with $23.4 million.

So why did Star Trek Into Darkness not meet expectations? The BBC reports that’s Paul Dergarabedian reckons that the film is still something of a ‘fanboy’ film, and hasn’t crossed out into the general main stream like, say, a Twilight has. "It's a very specific brand, but I think the general public would love this movie, because it's such an action movie” he said. “But to get a hundred-million-plus opening weekend, unless you're Twilight, you really have to cross over to all audiences."

Benedict CumberbatchBenedict Cumberbatch and co. didn't perform to expectations