There are three things that are laugh-worthy in the Farrelly Brothers wannabe, One Night at McCool's: a greasy pompadour-ed Michael Douglas mimicking a blowjob by flapping one of cheeks/jowls with his index finger and thumb, Andrew "Dice" Clay (yes, this is for real), and Paul Reiser meeting a nasty end. And one of these bits is already given away in the TV ads. Thankfully, it's the one that I personally find the most redeeming moment of this generally unlikable movie.

While There's Something About Mary was clever and funny, it has unfortunately spawned some extremely bad imitators that take increasingly lower roads to getting laughs. McCool's definitely has slid the taste meter down a few notches, and it doesn't even pay off. Even for those of us who get a kick out of dumb and vulgar gags, this latest poseur has nothing else to prop it up. The plot is never once fun or engrossing. The characters are repellant, and not even in an entertaining or over-the-top way. And the comedy relies way too heavily on us chuckling at an Oscar winner dressed in a ridiculous pimp-like get-up and regularly using the "P" word, or Reiser scampering around in nothing but S&M bondage gear and leather chaps.

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