Staind star Aaron Lewis is anticipating publicity problems when he takes part in an upcoming hunting show on TV in America and he's challenging PETA animal activists to take him on.
The defiant rocker insists it's his right to hunt and he's been tracking deer since long before he was famous, but he knows his involvement in the Outdoor Channel's upcoming Dream Celebrity Season show will be met with controversy.
He says, "I watched (documentary) Food Inc. and it strengthened my beliefs in harvesting and eating my own food. I have never killed anything that I did not eat. Even when I was a kid with a BB gun, being all irresponsible and shooting squirrels and robins, my dad made me eat it all. I've always believed if you kill something, you have to eat it, so you better make sure it tastes good.
"I hunt white-tailed deer. That is my favourite. I have also hunted turkeys and have done upland bird hunting, too, like pheasants and quail."
But Lewis knows PETA bosses will take issue at his Dream Season Celebrity appearance - because the programme pairs celebrities like him with everyday hunters in competing teams around the country.
He adds, "Bring it on!"