Squeeze star Chris Difford has escaped a driving ban after he was caught travelling at 88 miles (141 kilometres) per hour last August (11).
The British musician was on his way to deal with a family emergency when he was clocked breaking the 70 miles (112 kilometres) per hour speed limit in Hampshire, England.
Difford faced the possibility of being banned from the roads - but he was instead fined $560 (£350) and ordered to pay $136 (£85) costs during a hearing at Southampton Magistrates' Court earlier this week (begs06Feb12).
The star told officials a ban from the road would prevent him from continuing his performing commitments, as he needed to drive to transport his musical instruments.
He declared, "There are so many spokes to what I do, and if I was banned from driving then a fair amount of them would fold - probably the ones that make the most money. I don't think I can make any further cutbacks."