Review of No Need To Fight Single by Spitfire Charlie

Spitfire Charlie
1. No Need To Fight
2. Lets See What It Will Bring

Spitfire Charlie No Need To Fight Single

'No Need To Fight' starts with a bouncy guitar riff and military drum beat leading into thumping drums that even Meg White couldn't fail to be impressed with!

From the moment John Roberts belts out the first line, the song is complete. Recently played on Lemaq Live you can only hope this does as well as it should. Without a record deal it can only be a matter of time until these lads get one.

It has everything you could want from an Indie/Rock track. It has a good rhythm, smart wordplay and vocals to match. A definite sing-a-long tune at a gig.

'Lets See What It Will Bring' has a constant bass line running along its back. At first listen I couldn't decide if this was an annoyance or not but after a second listen it had me. The chunky bass is nicely hammered into place by toe tapping drums beats, clashing symbals, crisp vocals and guitars, well guitars that just won't quit.

After two and a bit minutes just when you think its coming to a slightly premature end, in comes Roberts wailing out another belting chorus.

A promising start from the Leeds four piece. I hope to hear more soon.

Spitfire Charlie -
John Roberts - Vocals
John Rennie - Lead Guitar
Ben Kreczak - Bass
Ben Handysides - Drums

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