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I sent you a small script in 1999. Where is it? You did not return it. 215-224-6689, Brenda Squires

Posted 7 years 8 months ago by Yellowbird1

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Thank you. I appreciate whatever compliments I can garner.If by bigot, you mean zealot, yes, I would agree. There is no problem being passionate about a belief IF the belief is a good one. I believe that people can move mountains . . . PROVIDED . . . they are free of the shackles of "victimhood" . . . Leftism . . . feel-goodism . . . and excuse-making. I have a profound belief in the innate ability of human beings. And I see ALL humans as able. ONLY the aged, the infirm, and children need special attention. I do not believe that ANY adults need consistent extra help (or extra excuses) based on something as meaningless as the color of their skin. Some people are the willing victims of their own paranoia. It is MUCH EASIER to blame the lack of a raise on one's skin color rather than entertain the possibility that one does not do the best job possible. It is MUCH EASIER to blame the lack of an invitation on one's skin color rather than entertain the possibility that one's personality is not the nicest possible.I once had a black man tell me that "I don't get paid for anything after 5:00" and he was always the first one out the door every day. Then, after a period of time, he had the nerve to ask why he was never considered for a possible promotion up to supervisor. This same "genius" also informed ALL the white employees that they didn't really understand basketball. He said "You have to be black to really understand basketball." [And he wondered why people didn't seek out his company as a lunch companion.] I was not going to focus on "census workers" because that is not where I obtained my figures. However, since you brought the subject to the forefront, I can comment on what I observed of the census workers in the "ghetto."I was appointed by a Democrat mayor to a position that included the "inner-city" (a polite word for "ghetto") and I became used to how business is done in that community. Also, my sister is a principal at an "inner city" school and she works with those who have made some bad decisions and basically ruined their lives. For example, only a small percentage of the children come from traditional homes. Back to the census. Why are you so eager to blame census takers? Do you not realize that many of them were unemployed people from the community? Why are you so eager to call them lazy? I did not find them lazy at all. I watched them in action, and I found their methods to be extremely thorough and even inventive. They were long on initiative and cleverness. Secondly, I am also aware that the "community leaders" helped the census workers by arranging meetings in area churches and local social halls to enable the census takers to reach even more people.Thirdly, the census takers have supervisors who PHYSICALLY check their progress. The workers were given routes and they were not aware of the supervisor's visual inspections. Do you realize that you CONSISTENTLY accuse those in authority? Doesn't that sound a bit narrow-minded and judgmental? It sounds as though you have a real problem with authority. PS. Do not confuse me with a white supremist. They are misguided. I am a pure GOPer. I believe that IN A DEMOCRACY everyone has an obligation to make the very best life they can . . . . . . BECAUSE we are "all in it together" and the better everyone else is, the better I am. The better you do, the less I have to do for you, and vice versa. And, we are only as strong as our weakest link. So, the stronger the weakest link, the better our society is as a whole.My philosophy is ENTIRELY at odds with the Leftist theory that people can't be dependent enough. That people must never be pushed, or goaded, or challenged. That no one should ever fail, so don't even try. That no one should ever be offended, so keep silent. The philosophy of the Left is anti-intellectual, anti-humanity, and anti-success. If that is the definition of a "non-bigot" then bigot doesn't sound that bad. At least I'm not a racist like Spike Lee. He believes that blacks are better than whites. That is truly the proof of a racist.

Posted 9 years 3 months ago by scarlettroyal

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Oh...and P.S.If you really believe that census workers spend as much time in the ghetto as they say they did...Then you're not only a poor judge of human nature (see:Laziness and duty report fudging) but you're more naive than I thought.

Posted 9 years 3 months ago by White Boy

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You have a tight grip on the english language...AND you're a bigot!Usually these come separately. You're the full package! Two for one!Congratulations! You've manageed to become educated and still hold on to your acid toward the black population. Most LOSE their bigotry with an education. You've bucked the system and held on to your core belief with valor.

Posted 9 years 3 months ago by White Boy

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White BoyIt appears that YOU are the one who has done zero homework.In fact, if you were in my class, I would grade your effort as C-.I would give you credit for putting your name on the paper and also for correctly dating the paper. I would give you credit for being on topic.However, for content, I would give you an "F" because you did no research, and the "facts" you state are unproven and untrue. I would also grade you down for engaging in ad hominem attacks.And again for repeating yourself.In fact, I would probably issue a grade of D. You exhibit zero effort when you call those you disagree with "idiots" and accuse them of doing no homework when they obviously DID do their homework to come up with the accurate working number. You exhibit false bravado when you attempt to smear a factually correct post with nothing but vulgar insults.Political savvy reminds us that "you can't beat something with nothing."

Posted 9 years 3 months ago by scarlettroyal

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Truth hurts! It truly does.However, agencies deal in "facts." Budgets are directed to "numbers" and "percentages." That is what happens in a capitalist democratic republic.In fact, the census department spends millions of dollars to hire workers who personally visit (day and night and weekends) the most rat and roach infested ghettos, just to find the people who cannot read and write to include them in our government surveys.Now, you may not "like" these figures, or personally approve of these figures, but your "logic" is pure emotional nonsense. Is there any democratic communist/ socialist/ totalitarian dictatorship / royalty / system that counts their people as effectively? NO! In fact, you prefer your personal fantasy to the blood, sweat, and tears of actual workers. Well, go stuff yourself! I am using official figures. And any "black" who belives that "their day is coming" when they will "rise up" is living in pure fantasy land. In fact, the black population is SHRINKING!!! That means that threats and promises are becoming less effective every day. In fact, the only people who can "help" the black population is the black population. You have not responded to 4 trillion (not billion) dollars of wealth transfer. And, you will never again have the opportunities you had during the 60s and 70s when the sympathy was with you. In fact, the resources must be divided among ALL the minorities, not the the black population. Every single time a "rush" of immigrants come into the country, the black population becomes more insignificant. And your response?You call ME names. You claim that the numbers I use are "wrong" even though I am using the correct official numbers.(The numbers I use are the same numbers that black leadership uses too.)Apparently you believe that you have some secret "stash" of better information than those used by the government, academia, and black leaders. That is a complete laugh.)Why don't you aquaint yourself with the facts before you call others stupid? (You notice that I have NEVER called anyone names. I am just (as Harry Truman said) telling the truth, but you don't believe the truth.)You threaten to "get even" someday. Why do you want to "get even?" What gives you the right to "get even?"You have already taken more money from "whitey" than anyone has ever taken. And what did you do with all that money?Get an education?Become successful?Start your own businesses?Begin a college? Build a strong homelife?Or, did you play basketball and stuff it up your nose?Compare the TRILLIONS that went to the black population compared to path of the Vietnamese, or the successes of the Mexican immigrant, or the blacks who come from Africa, the Middle-East, or Europe.Any American black, who has been given every opportunity that is known to man, but who still wants to "get even" is a sorry, ungrateful, soul, who will never find happiness. Happiness is in yourself, and cannot be taken from others. In fact, anything TAKEN from others will never bring happiness or fulfillment, or contentment. That is a lesson that some will never learn.You may not like the official numbers (I am educated in statistics, and I know how to do research) but calling me names will not change those numbers. And those are the numbers that tax money is budgeted toward. If you have a more accurate way of counting, contact the census department. They would LOVE to have your "knowledgeable" input. However, you had better be prepared to PROVE your theory. Emotional rhetoric has zero value in a factual setting.

Posted 9 years 3 months ago by scarlettroyal

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Hey White boy:Whatever numbers that are documented in the census are irrelevant. The personal choices of millions of blacks are leading to the disappearance of their people. Out of wedlock births, interracial marriage, an insane level of disproportionate crime to their numbers which is aimed at their own community is killing black America.Just look at Spikee. He hates white people yet his kids go to a white school/ lives in a white neighorbhood and shops at shopping districts where white people live. He is a sell out who makes money off of the suffering of his own people.

Posted 9 years 3 months ago by spike-is-a-slave

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Oh...and to the guy at the very top who said that the black population is only 12.9 percent....you're an idiot. Do your homework and find out the real percentage. I don't know who told you that, but do a little homework before you post that there are only 12.9 percent worth of African Americans in the U.S.I know you're going based on the 2000 U.S. Census...but grow up. Any adult knows that most of the lower income and/or impoverished never even get their hands on those to fill them out. So a majority of Black America probably never even saw that survey. The ones that did fill it out were likely the ones who are better off...who are the minority of the Black population

Posted 9 years 3 months ago by White Boy

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I don't know what the truth in this situation is, personally. But to Mr. Lee, I would say this: We may have all the jobs...but you got blessed with the larger genitals.

Posted 9 years 3 months ago by White Boy

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Dear Jesus black:Please read this because it is meant not to be insulting. Do you realize the threat that black america is under through the self-inflicted genocide that your people are inflicting upon each other and the fact the the entire world is coming to this nation and finding work, success, and peace. Yours is the only community in the world that is living in the most prospersous nation in human history and has nothing but excuses for why YOUR people are completly self destructing!!! If you want to live by the words of Spikey and continue to live in hate and ignorance then be my guest but please know this: Your children will be working for the immigrants who are coming to these shores and taking your piece of the American pie. p.s. did you know that latinos are now the largest minority group in America and what that means for you? They work and pool their resources. They send 11 billion dollars a year home to families in Mexico. Your answer to their hard work is to find the first blonde that will marry you and leave the 'hood' behind--too bad that you will carry it with you where ever you go.

Posted 9 years 3 months ago by spike-is-a-slave

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Its actually funny to see how much Jews own/run HollywoodThey are so pervasive & powerful in the entertainment industry only a self-deluded PC-twit could deny it.Does anyone here think Jon Stewart -aka Leibowitz- would win any comedy contests like American Idol format if he were going up against people with real talent? People not connected to the Jewish Mafia that controls the Mass Media?Truth is: he was anointed years ago and has gotten an easy ride all the way. He's a made man.There is definitely an obvious pattern of discriminatory 'old boys network' decisions in Entertainment. The overwhelming beneficiaries are Jews of course.If it were Southerners running Hollywood, only hiring their friends, u bet they'd never stop talking about how racist Hollywood is. If it were Victorian Englishmen u'd get the same result. Everyone would despise the entire industry because its a rigged game.But, since its Jews doing it, everyone remains reticent. Terrified of being labeled an anti-semite for pointing out the obvious.Look at David Schwimmer. Does anyone seriously think he would have gotten all the breaks he's gotten if he weren't Jewish? He's not funny, good looking or even charismatic. What talent does he have?The list goes on & on of non-talent Jews in top entertainment positions.Look at Geraldo Rivera. Real name: John Rivers. But he wanted something more ethnic so, like Jon Stewart he used an alias to make himself less Jewish.Why is there no public push to diversify Hollywood?Spike, believe it or not, is on to something.Does he know they're mostly Jews & he's afraid of further refining his objections? Or is he just not sufficiently Jew-aware to see for himself that almost every key player is Jewish?Either way: something is wrong when 2% of the population control 99.9% of the movies, TV networks, magazines in America.Its just not rightPeople should vote with their wallets & just not buy into it anymore until some changes are made and Hollywood starts to look more like America & less like some Kibbutz in Israel filled with inbred jews

Posted 9 years 3 months ago by JoeMama

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Holly-molly Jesus,it will come the day of truth,and all of you whites will pay for it.We,black people are strong geneticly so just keep your eyes open and will see what's occuring next,next step,later on,maybe 200yrs ahead,we will take our justice.Our culture is strong and oldiest(egyptian culture),we invented crucial inventions in history.Stop hiding the truth for God's sake.

Posted 9 years 3 months ago by Jesusblack

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Posted 9 years 3 months ago by punkinhead

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Gee Spike, I thought the only reason ANY Actor or Actress become "Stars" is because Hollywood can make money off of them. Isn't that the point! I'm sure that you could get together with some of the VERY RICH BLACK STARS you mentioned and start your OWN STUDIO. Isn't that how United Artists started. But then again you are too busy being a RACIST AHOLE who would rather complain about whitey than use THE MILLIONS you've made in this GREAT CAPITALIST COUNTRY OF AMERICA to do something positive. You and all the rest of Hollywood, white and black can F Off as far as I'm concerned your all a bunch of ungrateful DIMWITS.

Posted 9 years 3 months ago by worddust

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I Think Spike Lee is Right. I also believe That there should be a white guy network like BET, we can call it WET, as in all wet tv. I also belive there should be a mexican basketball league wth a 6 foot basket. Come on You guys get off the racist crap our country is falling apart because of this nonsence. Just thank god your not in some country that wants to kill you because of a Joke. To bad Rodney Danderfield is Dead we could have but him in Denmark as a weapon of Mass Destuction.

Posted 9 years 3 months ago by justice

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I tried to post as new poster, but it did not show up. I will try again, as it is a short comment.I said previously, that Spike should marry Star Jones so that she can get the D*ck she deserves. Have not changed my mind about these to jokers in the past hour since I posted. Maybe Al will.

Posted 9 years 3 months ago by taurus04

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Spike is correct. Eyewash is common. It is perpetrated by many while well of actors who take no responsibility for anything unless they can get paid or get a favorable press spin from it. Notwithstanding the embarrassment of high profile actors who only do stunts for pr and talk the talk, but simply do not walk the walk. Why do we not hold big mouths like Speilberg and Geffen and other profiles accountable ? WHy is corporate America not accountable ? They get product placements they pay for. WHat about MR BI Steve Jobs or is he as "it's about me as most claim he is? ?

Posted 9 years 3 months ago by tctopdog

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Sharon said to Netanyahu "Don't worry about America, we control America, we will tell them what to do." When 911 happened and members of Mossad were arrested during the burning of the buildings for dancing on a New Jersey rooftop and whose vans were found to contain box cutters and other assorted criminal implements and were later released by the FBI who said they couldn't comment on it... makes you wonder, or it should and the buildings came down into their own footprint at the speed of free fall due to timed demolition, Netanyahu said, "This is very good news."Jews hate blacks and the Zionists who treat the Palestinians like pre-segregation blacks view blacks and anyone who isn't Jewish as insects. The Talmud is full of these things. They control Hollywood and they also control rap music. It's one of the things they use to dumb down the population. They only hire each other. They control all of the media. They were the force behind the Iraq invasion through PNAC and feed bad information through AIPAC who were caught spying on the US. They are the ones pushing for the Iran bombing and they were the one's behind the cartoons sent out over the world. The newspaper that first put them out is owned by a Bilderberger.But these are just some things I thought I ought to say. For Spike Lee well, he's right but it isn't just blacks that can't get these jobs in Hollywood it's everyone but the people controlling it. Everything I have said here can be found exhaustively researched all over the internet by all manner of legitimate sources. But for the neo-cons with their heads up Bush's asshole there is only the ongoing stupidity of their deep denial and their gluttony at the trough. The country is going down and it will be a very nice thing to see from a distance. Once the Iranian oil bourse goes online in March all Hell is going to break lose because it will break the American economy so Iran will get bombed.

Posted 9 years 3 months ago by neoconsnightmare

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Spike Lee with all his so called success in the movies he has made is way over-rated because he is black!He has always whined along the same old liberal lines of not being treated fairly and how racism governs the country.You can not legislate against racism, you only will get more hatred.Also, What a man thinks in his head is his business and his right even if it is racism!Federalising hate crimes 15 years ago was an example of PC going ridiculous!It seems to violate our 1st amendment..doesnt it?Spike lee should retire his worn out rhetoric!

Posted 9 years 3 months ago by Joshwaloveslotr

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Your extreme and ignorant statement is about as uneducated as saying that all of Hollywood is Racist.

Posted 9 years 3 months ago by Effortless

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Who cares what Spike has to say. I want everyone to take a minute and read through all the comments. The only thing Spike did was bring out racism is 99 percent of the people posting on this site. It's so sad. I bet the same people saying "blacks don't deserve to be in school" "they ruin neighborhoods" are the same people smiling in my face at church. It's disgusting that you would let what one small-mindeed man said make you forget about God, and how he created us equally. In the end, it doesn't matter what color you are, what matters is what is in your heart, and from most of these comments, a lot of you should be worried about your eternal life. If you are bashing blacks, you are no better than Spike.and for the person who wanted to know why it was Ok for a black to say the "dreaded N word" here's the answer: IT'S NOT. I don't use the word, I don't allow my children to use the word, and I am a black person. Don't judge me and my family based on what Spike has to say. newsflash: i've never met Spike Lee, all black people do not know each other, think the same, act the same, etc. Find Christ

Posted 9 years 3 months ago by shocked9681

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Spike Lee should marry Star Jones so that she gets the Dick she deserves!

Posted 9 years 3 months ago by taurus04

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"Anyone else sick of it???"Beyond sick of itHas anyone ever witnessed blacks move into a neighborhood & things actually got better?How about a school system? Ever see a school system NOT wrecked that was taken over by blacks?Face it: Blacks have not kept their end of the civil rights bargainIf blacks want to be treated like humans: why don't they behave like humans?They are easily the most ignorant & disrespectful people in AmericaThis is why no one wants to live in a black hood or go to a black schoolTruth is most black kids don't deserve to be in schoolThey are not there to learn or to behaveJust to wreck it for everyone elseIts a gigantic waste of moneySpike is just a B-Rate talent pointing fingers at everyone but himself

Posted 9 years 3 months ago by JoeMama

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i will bet you any amount of monet spike-lee thinks like racist mother ship louis farrakhan belives the secret goverment blew up the levees in new-orleans to get rid of black people. he and the so called rev, jesse jackson and so called rev,al sharpton im from greenville s.c. and no one i know has ever heard racist j.jackson preach in any church only on street corners and its always blaming the white man for his j.jackson townhomes being razed well with all the rainbow coalition money he should build his dear black friends some new ones ha its a joke. and spike lee is the most racist person in hollywood or any where he tried to sue spike t.v. for using his name lol he knows that name has been around for yrs. all these so called upstanding black leaders should stop crying about the white man and start helping keep the black men off the st,coners selling crack and then get busted go to jail then whine that all the black daddys are in jail cause tha big bad white cops pick on them hey i got news for spike its againest the law to sell crack so they should give them a job in his next racist movie and donate some of his money hes made off of white people stupid enough to go see them. so stop whinning spike and help the crack dealers stay out of jail and stop blaming the big white man for all blacks problems you and the above said people are n will be some of the biggest racist of our time. oh are you from farrakhans mother ship to if so i bet theres a white man driveing it wake up son and yall stop blaming the whites for all yall insecurities.

Posted 9 years 3 months ago by daddyrabb

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I don't care to comment on Spike Lee. What's more disturbing is the comments made by ScarelettRoyal. Who let the Klan have Internet access? As a black woman, I would like to correct Grand Dragon Royal. I do not have any babies out of wedlock, nor have I been to prison, robbed a store, raped a woman or any of the other things you THINK all black people do. I pray you get your head out of your rear and realize how ignorant you are.

Posted 9 years 3 months ago by shocked9681

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Folks:To those with kind words, I thank you. I have worked for years in the "inner city" (with the appropriate degrees) and I have seen the extent of damage done to families, and lives ruined, from drugs and crime and constantly making bad decisions and following the wrong path. My daughter has lived and worked in Nigeria, London, and Hamburg. I have lived in the Bahamas and in Canada. And yes, black folks from around the world have a hard time identifying with the Jesse Jackson /Al Sharpton /Spike Lee's of this country. Their rhetoric of blaming the white population, while also demanding jobs and and demanding that they have black bosses, while also ACCEPTING the truth of their own young men falling into drugs and crime and going to prison, and the breakdown of their own families as acceptable, is truly unique. And nothing to be proud of, I assure you. We who want better for all people, are called racist names. That does nothing to improve the situation.We are BEGGING black young men to behave themselves, stay in school, get a job, be a steady worker, and improve their lot. We are BEGGING young black women to remain chaste, develop and expectation that their men will take care of them when they marry and have their own babies.We are BEGGING for the return of healthy and strong and successful "black" families. And for that, we are called names. Brilliant!

Posted 9 years 3 months ago by scarlettroyal

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The Truth of the matter Is that Spike Lee is right. There are but a few "token" blacks allowed to participate in the boardrooms. I think however the bigger picture is what some would call the "Jewish Mafia", controlling all levels of major Hollywood decision making.

Posted 9 years 3 months ago by Hollywood Insider

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Hey Spike! Wah Wah Wah. What took you so long to figure out a new angle to get your racist views across?Just remember O' Great Persecuted One......if I walked on the court at madison Square Garden and acted like you....I'd be arrested before you could say, "Spike Lee whine a lot!".Really Spike, have you run out of ideas for crappy movies. Get a life!

Posted 9 years 3 months ago by da truth

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Since when does skin color determine ability to manage any industry?The black population of the US is officially at 12.9 % and growing smaller every day.On what basis does Spike Lee demand that black management deserve a guaranteed position?Is Lee claiming that he would "perform" at a higher level if there were more "black" management? Doesn't that kind of perverted thinking also mean that white workers will perform at a lower level with a "black" management? Lee "talks trash" to gain attention for his projects.

Posted 9 years 3 months ago by scarlettroyal

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Out there 1981:Your comments were reasoned and well put. However, I think people are finally tired of whining by so called "black-leaders" and that speaks for some of the harsh comments here including mine. Most "whities" like me want meaningful dialoge and are deeply sorry for the discrimation perpetrated upon blacks. The merchants of hate however must not allow that to happen or else they will lose their jobs. Spikeo, J.J. Sharpton. and all of the NAACP have no interest in dialoge only accusations. Folk like us have no reason to hate each other and I honestly believe we have more good will toward each other but we are kept apart by the media elites who desire nothing but conflict. What would happen to the liberal Jewish community if they were not constantly pitting whites against blacks in the public arena? They gain more than anybody by keeping hate alive. Where hate exists they are given a platform to mediate and the spotlight is kept off of them. The too have a track record that they have no desire to talk about. To you I say peace.....

Posted 9 years 3 months ago by spike-is-a-slave

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Funny, All the spike Lee movies I have seen have been about 99% black with only 1 or two (if that many) non-black actorsI think he should practie what he preaches and prove a truly balanced diverse movie can make it before he attacks others, especially when he is unwilling to do it himself.

Posted 9 years 3 months ago by Burks

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Spike Who?? His first 2 films were good. After that, crap. Black whineyness. Hollywood is not a Republican town. It is a Democrat, quisling, communist, hate America town.

Posted 9 years 3 months ago by Republican Pilot

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Belly of the beast....? My wife and I both grew up and were educated there. We've seen what you've seen. I've seen the pain friends and family have endured from racist comments or actions. Some people just choose to respond differently to adverse circumstances and move on to persevere.

Posted 9 years 3 months ago by DCguy1985

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In 1911, Booker T. Washington said: "There is [a] class of colored people who make a business of keeping the troubles, the wrongs and the hardships of the Negro race before the public. Having learned that they are able to make a living out of their troubles, they have grown into the settled habit of advertising their wrongs – partly because they want sympathy, and partly because it pays. Some of these people do not want the Negro to lose his grievances, because they do not want to lose their jobs ... There is a certain class of race-problem solvers who don't want the patient to get well, because as long as the disease holds out they have not only an easy means of making a living, but also an easy medium through which to make themselves prominent before the public.""Wake up."

Posted 9 years 3 months ago by Los Limon

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Whatsup spike (hollywood dont like n****rs??? )

Posted 9 years 3 months ago by punkinhead

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You know, all we hear, coming from the BLACK population these days, is racism. Everything is about race. If a WHITE man wins the MVP award...racism.(ex: 2005 NBA MVP) If a WHITE director wins a oscar, again, racism. If a student, of any other race,who is smarter than any other BLACK student, gets a scholarship, racism. When do you get off your butts, start teaching the BLACK population how to control and educate themselves? Stop crying...you want the world to understand and accept your culture....stop and look around, you have to understand and accept ours as well! So our GREAT GREAT GREAT grandfather might have had slaves....I thought those days ended many, many years ago....get over it already!

Posted 9 years 3 months ago by jpn735361

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Neither of these comments are applicable in this situation. I live in LA and work in the entertainment industry, which (forgive me if I'm wrong) I'm assuming neither of you do, because show business is unlike any other business out there. I have been living it for two years and have seen it all. Blacks...even SMART, EDUCATED blacks that make NO excuses...are OVERLOOKED in Hollywood for these positions. It's not, DCGuy1985, that they are out having children before marriage, "trying drugs" and the like, they are going to college (as I did) and graduate school, they are perfecting their craft and they are relagated to positions that are NOT gatekeeper positions, as Lee is talking about. When you can "greenlight" a picture with one statement...not just present a case, but greenlight a picture as in just tell your employees to make it, then you have real power in Hollywood. No one is saying there are not black executives, they just dont have this power. I don't use racism as an excuse in my life and never have, and the vast majority of the Black people I know out here do not either. We just accept the status quo and do what we can to change it while also being as upwardly-mobile as possible. But listen and understand before you start going on and on about people who make excuses, from DC or the Midwest or wherever you may reside that is not Los Angeles. Racism is still alive, believe me, and more than apparent out in Hollywood. Until you have been in the belly of this beast and know of what you speak, it's better to remain silent and just be thought a fool.

Posted 9 years 3 months ago by OutHere1981

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Yo' Spikey, You go boi! Good thing you're speaking up for the rest of the coloreds. There ain't no justice in America when some of the highest paid positions are held by white folks. Us coloreds know what it's like to want something so bad that we can't help ourselves but just bitch, bitch, and then whine. What's up w/ all these white folks getting up in all that money 'bidness? If I'm hearing Spikey correctly, let's have everything equal and fair. Every movie studio should have equal percentage of bosses, representn' the top 4 racial groups in America. 1 white, 13% black, 6% Asian, and 10-35% Hispanic. Well, maybe that's not a good idea since the Hispanics will get more than us blacks and yellows. Every comedian should do equal proportion of jokes for each racial group. That's more fair, 'cause us yellows will finally get degraded less and whitey, well, nothing will change, and the Hispanics will get their due. Hell, I'd even want to take a stab at trying out for the NFL or the NBA since their salaries are so sweet. But we shouldn't forget the common folks either. Let's make sure there's equal representation in industries such as dry-cleaning, nails salon, textile, fruit pickers, engineers, mathematicians, and restaurant busboys, etc. Slumming it in these kinds of jobs ain't sweet, but it's for diversity. Does anyone really think there would be such a thing when the NBA or the NFL would focus on diversity? Yeah, right!I'd still like to give a shout out to my dawg, Spikey, for keeping it real by showing us that it's people like him that make the lefty-pinkos happy in the upcoming election. They'll go at it again w/ the race card, and this time, they'll have a new spin on why the blacks are STILL being treated unfairly. They'll no doubt recite Spikey's words and show lists of overwhelmingly white names in Hollywood studios, juxtaposing them with the images of po' (but obese and appear well-fed) black folks starving and suffering from Katrina. After all, we have to take of our own first before we look elsewhere, especially when it's the white American males that are treating us coloreds badly. Forget the Rwandans killing their own blacks, forgetting the black S. Africans robbing and raping whiteys, and forget the modern-day slaves in Nigeria under blacks. I'm sure by now the rest of America, although quiet from being afraid of being called racist, is sick of all these wealthy, whining, and moronic so-called black icons/leaders. Throughout the 26 years living in America, my family and I have experienced more racism and unfairness from blacks than any other groups. Yet, they're always the first ones to complain about discrimination and racism. What will stop all of their whining? It's funny that when a whining black liberal is pointed to a successful, prominent, and respectable black person, especially one in GW's cabinet, they're very quick to dismiss that those folks are not really black at all, but sellouts. I guess if Condi was sporting a J-Lo derriere and Colin and Clarence were to wear backward caps and flashing peace signs and calling each other "dogs," they'd be down w/ it. Oh well, stupid is, stupid does. I'm not kidding, I'm waiting for the more diverse NBA and NFL to draft. I can't dunk, but I can run a mean dribble. That's got to count for something. What would NIKE name that campaign? Hell, while we're at it, I'm sick of being referred to as an Asian American. I think it'd be cool to be called one of the colors, like "the yellows." Better yet, how about "yellow Americans?" Never mind, that name is already taken by the cut-and-run Democrats. Get off the week Spikey!

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I also agree with you scarlett. I am a white male married to a wonderful African-American woman. Her parents were poor imigrants from Nigeria. They got to the U.S and studied hard, achieved thier degrees, opened a very successful business and also remain married after 43 years. These wonderful inlaws of mine instilled these goals, morals and ethics in thier childern. My wife, an Olympian and now a college coach, her two brothers are professional athletes and her sister is a medical doctor. They grew up all having experienced similar obsticals other African-Americans have but did not allow that to stop them from succeeding. The influence of a strong family life is what they all point to as the difference. The siblings all had their childern after they married, attend church regularly, never tried drugs, and not one of them ever robbed a bank. Me, as well as this entire family are sick of the excuses from people like Spike Lee. These excuses are more responsible for keeping African-Americans jailed, addicted, poor or down than any white Hollywood executive. Thanks for the Forum.

Posted 9 years 3 months ago by DCguy1985

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Who the hell cares what Spike Lee thinks? This person wants to sell his movies as much as any other producer and gets his movies advertised by these comments ... He is no different than the people he is calling out... black or white or green or brown or ? Give it up Spike ...

Posted 9 years 3 months ago by Howzitbro

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Dear Truth the Liberates: Again, you said that you want to discuss things that people are reluctant to discuss. That must include things you dont like to discuss either. Black America has been a pawn for white liberals for too long. You have no real representaion albiet there are 30 million black with most of the support going to the DNC. Where is your power there? When Mayor Webb from Denver tried to head the DNC who got the pic? Howie Dean. Look at the power positions in the DNC and Hollywood and it is not blacks but another group that calls the shots. We have talked enough. Black relevancy is ebbing away year after year. Out of control immigration is guaranting that and the new immigrants will ensure what blacks that are left over from black America's self inflicted wounds, will be locked in poverty. The enemy is nigh at the gates yet your people still sleep.

Posted 9 years 3 months ago by spike-is-a-slave

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OK Spike, we hear you loud and clear. There isn't enough Black representation in Hollywood. I guess all of your good liberal friends in that city who have promised you so much over the years have forgotten the black people of the country. If the black people want change, and I mean real change and have representation everywhere then they must come to realize that it's the Republican conservatives who can be their best allies. We want them to have strong families, good educations, good jobs, safe cities, and all of the opportunity in the world afforded them. That is the Christian way of doing things, not by pandering to them for a vote which never gets delivered on. It's not an overnight fix, most blacks blame whites for the situation they're in. What black people don't understand is that "green" is colorblind. Have a better product or service and people BUY IT! Want more blacks in upper level managment positions, then put your kids in business and management studies in college. Outearn, outlearn, outwork, and be the best you can and no one will stand in your way of promotion! No idiot in a free market capitalist society will allow their company to be run by a person other than black because they are prejudice. Green is colorblind! If a black man or woman will make me more money, then MAKE ME MORE MONEY!

Posted 9 years 3 months ago by AF Guy

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My congratulations to you Scarlettroyal, you seem to have all the answers. But let me ask you this, while you are here firing off your barrage of statistics about no-good, no-count African-Americans, with their sexual propensities, jail-bird realities and their tendency to just take up space in this society while making no contribution whatsoever, did you manage to get the statistics on the condition in Hollywood that Spike Lee was talking about? I guess I need to go back and re-read your response to find that, don't I? I wonder what your life must be like for you to be so reactive to a piece of truth that's fairly easy to substantiate. Your ire seems inappropriately leveled, considering the remark you're supposedly responding to is really a FACT, and not something someone made up. By the way, I just re-read your post, and while I see your write-off of a vital constituency of these United States, I still did not see your numbers on the subject Spike Lee was calling attention to. Oh, and about the white supremacists - I'd say you fit in quite nicely with them - philosophies and all. Might you be one of their members? It certainly reads like it. I wonder what your response would be to something that really required more of you than your bilious rantings... something like say: fighting side by side with African-Americans down at the shore to save your precious freedoms and your worthless ass! What are your stats on that?You know, you could be a significant contributor to our society if you would go get a life and leave the thinking to those with brains. If you take off your blinders and dispense with the negative emotions, you would see that Spike Lee's comments are more about change, and letting go of the old ways in the interest of creating something that is fair and just for everybody. Because when one wins in this society, we all win! No matter how you slice it, truth is truth, and WE as a nation have a responsiblity to be fair and honest...about everything... even the things that we don't like to talk about! My two cents.Stella

Posted 9 years 3 months ago by TruthLiberates

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Earlier poster said "...You can't call him a lier".lier\Li"er\ (l[imac]"[~e]r), n. [From Lie. ] One who lies down; one who rests or remains, as in concealment.I don't think that's what you were trying to say, but you are definitely right. Spike Lee will never be accused of lying down. He's got the huevos to speak up and tell everyone what he perceives. I applaud him for it. He could easily say nothing and collect his money, but he doesn't. He stirs up discussion and ruffles feathers that need to be ruffled.Oh and he's not a "liar" either.

Posted 9 years 3 months ago by scv_alum

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To: GEORGEWNIXON @ "drudgreport"I am registered with contactmusic.com - I recieve emails from them on a regular basis. You are like all the other name callers & accusers who gets your panties in a wad. We are all here to voice our opinions -

Posted 9 years 3 months ago by patsy994

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As a Conservative WM, I PARTLY agree!!How I disagree: there is some NUANCE here, some TIMING. You don't go from being Denzel (actor), to Steven Spielberg ~ overnight! I would be more happy (and I hope Spike would too) if there were 50 successful black writers, 100 cameramen, 100 graphic artists, and 20 assistant producers.Hollywood is also CULTURAL, and "Who you know".How I disagree: Spike wasn't specific enough - Hollywood is Jewish! Though folks try to run from that for fear of being called racist, for example, who founded the Dreamworks? Three Jewish Americans. (1 or 2 are gay.)I had an ex-GF who is Jewsih, and when we would watch film credits, she would say, "Yes, yes, yes, yes" - as all the names rolled by - meaning they were mainly JEWISH!! Then, there would be a name like "Harvey Gold" or "Deborak Grant", and she'd say: JEWISH: Harvey Gold used to be Goldberg or Goldstein; and Deborak is a Hebew name from the bible, I bet "Grant" is her Hollywood name. Just like Jerry Lewis, Larry King, & Kirk Douglass (all Jewish Americans).May now tie my observations together? It is logical from a cultural, and strategic, perspective, that Jews do well in Hollywood, as they hold the low-level, mid-level, and upper-mid-level positions... as well as agents, writers, etc. Of coarse, I have also known Jewish folks that ~ tacitly ~ give other Jewish folks FIRST NOD - which is what others are not typically getting. Its the "you scratch my back, I'll scratch yours" phenomena - even see Aaron Spelling, and his daughter. Duh! There is little chance I could work on his projects/films, even though I have a UC degree, and have many admirable qualities.

Posted 9 years 3 months ago by windex66

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To ScarlettRoyal:You are absolutely 100% correct. I couldn't have said it better. The sad state of affairs is that the white man is always the problem. The white man holds the black man down. The white man is the cause of every single problem the black man has. Spike needs to get off the plantation. He needs to lead all the other blacks off the plantation, too. In the meantime Spike just perpetuates the excuse that the white man is the enemy and that all of the black man's ills are due to the white man holding them back. If there is a black man that deserves to be a studio executive or a team owner or anything else then that man needs to go out and get it! No one will ever just hand it to him. No one hands me anything and I am white. Everyone has to work for what they get. Well said, Scarlett.

Posted 9 years 3 months ago by Right Wing Realist

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Yeah, Spike's got it all figured out. He should reach into his own pocket, get some of his rich but race-embittered black buddies to do the same and start their own studio. Then, they can hire (or not) anyone they want. They can also lose their entire investment too, which is why you will never see a race-hustler like Lee ever go into his own pocket unless it is to stuff the money that smarter people than he have placed in his hands.

Posted 9 years 3 months ago by Shake

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Dear Truth Liberates:We need to have a decent dialoge on race in America--one that includes everybody. You are right to have misgivings about what Whites have done to blacks in American history but do we discuss only the bad? Do we include the Jewish community in our talks and their disproportinate power to their numbers in the media and politics? Do you really want to discuss the truth about the moral crisis in the inner-cities? A moral crisis that has nothing to do with discrimination? When 70 percent of black children are born to single parent homes and no one challenges that for fear of being labled as intolerant--who does that really hurt? Whites do not hold guns to the head of black teens and tell them to have babies. Babies that nobody is able to support both financially or emotionally. Do you want to question the role of white liberals in creating the ghettos with the welfare policies of the 60's that have made half of all blacks dependents of the government? Black genocide?? Do you want to discuss the self-inflicted genocide that black men to each other? Look, I agree that America owes a debt to blacks and we have to help fix the damage that we have done but nobody wants to have a one-sided discussion with Jessie Jackson or Spike Lee at the helm.

Posted 9 years 3 months ago by spike-is-a-slave

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Whatever one might think about Spike Lee personally, it appears that what he says has a great deal of merit. I submit that it is not only fair to have greater ethnic diversity in decision making areas, but it is good business as well. It is a tragedy that we have seen in the recent past films such as "Soul Plane" get the green light, but have yet to see a film comparable to "A Raisin in the Sun". Like Spike Lee or not, the facts speak for themselves; Spike is just the amplifier.

Posted 9 years 3 months ago by Bajos

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Call Spike Lee as many names as you like. He is not lying. Sometimes the truth hurts. I guess it hurts enough here to start calling hime names. Can anyone here call him a lier?That's what I thought.

Posted 9 years 3 months ago by quetou

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To: Georgewnixon Ax me about ebonics.

Posted 9 years 3 months ago by Be like Spike?

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This is more black racist BS. What do you want Spike -- affirmative action to include movie studios? We're sick of you and the grifter "Reverend" Jackson whining about not enough Blacks in Nascar, not enough Blacks in movie studios, not enough blacks on the ski slopes not enough blacks.. you fill in the blank. Maybe us poor abused white folks want more white faces in the NBA and other African American dominated sports. Hey, and don't tell me that if they "make the grade" they can play because that's exactly what I'll say to you about not enough Blacks in winter sports or Nascar. Nobody's nominated or designated for Nascar driver or downhill skier. You go into it because you have an interest. What did Charles Barkley say about the ice on the David Letterman show, Spike?You would do your people alot more good if you'd tell them to stay in school and keep their pants zipped. But quite frankly, I'm not surprised that you haven't said anything like that because you are NOT in the same esteemed catagory as Bill Cosby who doesn't think an African American teenager is "acting white" if he watches less that 60 hours of television a week, gets good grades and doesn't have five children with five different women by the time he's twenty. You've got a problem all right but it's not caused by the white man.Your problem is that you refuse to take responsibility for your failure. If you think that the "white man is responsible for all your failures I guess that means he's responsible for all your successes too -- because he took pity on the poor incapable black man, right, Spike? Why are blacks who immigrate here from Africa more motivated and successful that a lot of black people born right here in America? Because they aren't waiting for someone to take care of them -- waiting for the government sugar daddy to pay the bills. They blow their own nose and wipe their own rear. They aren't sitting in their own filth complaning about the smell, waiting for somebody to pull them out of the muck.You're a racist and a hypocrite of the worst kind. The fact that all of you who talk about the tragedy of Katrina conveniently omit the fact that just as many white folks died as black did. It just never gets mentioned. http://www.cnsnews.com/ViewNation.asp?Page=%5CNation%5Carchive%5C200512%5CNAT20051214b.html

Posted 9 years 3 months ago by Kemaste

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Paul, It's interesting to me that you and others are taking Spike Lee to task for his comments. You accuse him of putting his foot in his mouth - among other things - yet, I noticed that in your tirade you managed to avoid the real issue entirely. Not once could you challenge the veracity of his statement. Did he make up any of what he is saying, or is the situation as he presents it...a statement of fact? Seems to me he's not the only one putting his foot in his mouth. As he stated, beyond the gates, there are no African-American blacks in decision making positions at any of those studios...and that is the issue...not whether you like him, or whether you feel he has a right to speak up. He's saying what many know to be true but are too timid to tackle because they fear backlash from people like you. In every generation in this country, I believe it is important to have people like Spike Lee who are willing to start the discussion, whether we like it or not. Even if an argument ensues, these discussions are still necessary in order to achieve fairness and balance in our society. I believe it is far more important for him to tackle truth and rattle our cages, than it is for me to like what he's saying and how he says it. No matter how much you and others wish that this type of dialogue would just disappear so you can keep your heads buried whereever it is you have it buried, these issues are not going to go away! Considering the box office bottom-lines involving successful African-American actors, producers, and directors, I say Spike Lee should put his foot in his mouth more often since that seems to be what he's accused of doing whenever he speaks truth.I don't know about you, but no matter what generation you're a part of, shooting the messenger still doesn't kill the message...nor does it make it false. Stella

Posted 9 years 3 months ago by TruthLiberates

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Hey non-prophet, shouldnt your name non-profit because you dont have a job and are not making money. Seriously, are you sitting home all day and watching Spike lee movies and with your "X" hat on? How can Spikeo be the man when he demonstrates that he wants the black community to be the slaves of of white liberals? especially the liberal jewish community? How can you be a thinking person and not see that hatred is self-inflicting? 1 million mexicans walk across our souther border each year and find enough work to send 11 billion dollars a year to families in Mexico and all your community do is blame whitey. When did Smokey Robinson every do a drive by against Marvin Gay because he sang better? You need to wake up and see that your piece of the pie is going to immigrants who could care less about the black man's struggle. If Vietimese/Chinese/Indians and millions of others come to the U.S. and make it then excuses like Spikeo's are no longer valid. Wake up or 15 million of your people will become a permanant underclass.

Posted 9 years 3 months ago by spike-is-a-slave

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AMEN!! Which supports my reasoning that since most Hollywood types are Dems, and many Dems come from families that formerly owned African-Americans; that they truly are racist when it comes to personal matters like hiring for substantial jobs. Don't just talk the talk, walk the walk.

Posted 9 years 3 months ago by pianogirl

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I think spike lee should get his own money and fight the system he thinks is unfair.If you gathered up a portion of the mega salaries of denzel,Martin and Eddie murphy you could start your own studio.Spike lee has become Johhny one note crying over the same thing year in and year out.He is a mediocre talent that has done pretty well for himslf in the present unfair white system.

Posted 9 years 3 months ago by phil lives

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Spike has it half rightHollywood IS mostly whiteBut its also mostly jewish as well

Posted 9 years 3 months ago by JoeMama

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Just another brother that wants to blame white people. Instead of being a positive role model to help the younger black generation he's stirring the hatred that will continue to seperate black and white youth. I'm all for getting along, but both sides are now responsible for getting rid of the negative and focusing on the positive. Quit bitching Spike and really start to make a difference. Just like Kanye you keep putting your foot in your big mouth. You need a bigger foot so you'll shut up.

Posted 9 years 3 months ago by sari4ewe

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Yo Spike, you forgot one little thing in your diatribe against whitey. Its not really whitey but the impostors who control every major studio and distribution network in Hell-wood. You know as well as the rest of us that Hell-wood is still Jewish. Dreamworks/Paramount/Viacom/Sony/and Miramax all have Jewish execs who are more interested in shoving Broken/butt Mtn and Will and Grace down our throats than a meaningful black movie or comedy. So, those who have the power over you are not whitey but the jewish community and we know if you dog them-you will never work again.One more thing Spiko.... We know that Bill and Hillary are your god's and they of course, are the first "black" presidential couple. Yet i'm troubled by the fact that only 10 percent of his appointees were black while 45% were Jewish. Yet, there are 30 million blacks and 5 million jews living in America-of which 80 percent of both vote Democrat. If your voice really mattered why dont you have more power in your party? The last laugh is on you. Have fun self- destructing.

Posted 9 years 3 months ago by spike-is-a-slave

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I am a caucasion male who has never had an ounce of hate towards a black man because of his color. However all the crying and complaining would make anyone sick. Make your own money, then invest it into your own company, then hire all the freaking black people you want. Then when I go to your company all I will see is Black people. You will brag about it because you think it is "Black Star Power" (Kanye West) but if I called you a racist for not bringing any whites into the company, I would probably get jumped. Since when has oppressing the whitey been acceptable?

Posted 9 years 3 months ago by CornFused Whitey

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I bet it was white people who lent that little twerp money to get off the ground.What a miserable little turd.He continues to hurt his own kind. So uneducated in morals.......

Posted 9 years 3 months ago by mr.right

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Spike Lee does nothing but create anger,resentment, and false entitlement with his conspiracy theories. After he said whitey blew up the levees for the purpose of killing black people he created more ill feelings in a time that we neeeded unity in New Orleans more than ever. Anything to create more anger and self victimization feelings is is his goal.

Posted 9 years 3 months ago by nola

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And once again good ole Spike opens his mouth and plants his foot directly into it And the most MORONIC thing to come from his mouth is!!!! "They'll make a movie with DENZEL (WASHINGTON) and JAMIE (FOXX)and EDDIE (MURPHY), but only because they can make money off them.Well NO SH*T MORON!!!!!! Would you actually think they'd do it to lose money??? I had a professor in college that once asked why a publisher prints a newspaper...one student actually said to inform the public. the professor said that the publisher is just like any other business owner....he/she is out to make money...and will do what is necessary to sell papers.

Posted 9 years 3 months ago by Its me paul

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Spike -- have you ever heard of survival of the fittest? It applies not only to the survival of life, but also one's ability to climb the corporate ladder. Maybe if you would for once stop running your mouth about how you are supressed, and instead work harder on producing much more meaningful films that appeal to the masses, you might get recognized for your hard work.People, inluding me, are getting tired of the trash that constantly flows from your mouth.

Posted 9 years 3 months ago by Phantomjack

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Boo-hoo. How come there are only a tiny number of whites in the NBA, Spike? What do you propose we do about that awful injustice?

Posted 9 years 3 months ago by Talkhard

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You tell them Spike! The only roles written for blacks are usually angry black man (John Q, Man Apart) or magical black man (Legend of Bagger Vance). When Hollywood can portray black as other that those two stereotypes without blacks as executives then Spike and I will both shut our mouths.

Posted 9 years 3 months ago by AET

AET's picture

Get back to work on your movie about the government blowing up the levies in New Orleans. That might make you 100mill, hell if idiot Michael Moore can make that much on crap Spike can...

Posted 9 years 3 months ago by xinunus

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Spike is a moron. Always bitching and whining and then making mediocre movies that try way too hard. He is a fraud politically too because he goes for the base, easy comment like "Tawana told the truth" ... oh wait, she dint. What about the fact that all those white men are JEWS, Spike? Lack the guts to address that one, eh? f**kin' 'tard.

Posted 9 years 3 months ago by Spike is a Clown

Spike is a Clown's picture

Spike....What about Richard Parsons, head of TimeWarner? Oh...I forgot, he can't greenlight a picture, he can only hire and fire folks that can.Hey, another question Spike. Aren't major studios only distribution companies at this stage of the game? Seems that independents (and I'm not talking about Sundance indies, as you know) make most of the movies nowadays. Yo, Spike....are you there, or are you only making TV commercials nowadays?

Posted 9 years 3 months ago by JonyDirk

JonyDirk's picture

ahh, i see. so he was just being an IDIOT.

Posted 9 years 3 months ago by lnbadger

lnbadger's picture

Dear Spike Lee - You seem to demand everything for a minority race that in most of your films is subjugated, exploited, demeaned, etc. In several of your films MALCOLM X. DO THE RIGHT THING, and others; you invented facts to inflame hatreds. As far as your claim that BLACKS are under-represented as Hollywood executives - whose fault is that? Should we have a quota system? Do you have enough money to fund a studio? Does Bill Cosby? Does Oprah?ISN'T THE PURPOSE OF MOVIES 'NOT TO PREACH TO US' BUT ENTERTAIN THE GREATEST PORTION OF THE POPULATION? Or should we give BLACKS another handout because the present BLACK ETHOS IS DEVOID OF ENTREPENURIAL SPIRIT as regards the movie industry? Imagine what happens when you have to compete with say, the Indians at Bollywood? Or the former Red Russians? Will you complain more at the 'free market system'? Oh, and by the way, could you do something about the exorbitant price and quality of popcorn at theatres??? zyskandar a. jaimot, orlando, fl.

Posted 9 years 3 months ago by zyskandar

zyskandar's picture

Blacks make up a small part of the population, but their culture is pervasive and has been appropriated by all of America. Want to sell a ton a fashionable clothes? Get black stars to model them for you and make you hip. A la Tommy Hilfiger. Do you know why rap and hip-hop sells so much? Because WHITE people buy it. Let's not forget that the reason rap and hip-hop are so popular is because it's shoved down our kids' throats every day. And the reason it's shoved down their throats every day in every way is because if black artists aren't given at least half of all air and cable time, the stations get SUED for discrimination. Is there ever going to be a point in America where black people forgive slavery? Doubtful. It's the trump card that blacks play all the time. "It's not fair." "White people are racist." Give me a break. Last time I checked whites don't have total freedom of speech like blacks do. Whites can't address black people in any way other than what is acceptable to blacks. In the 70's "negro" was permitted, then, in the 80's it was "afro american", then I guess that was offensive so "african american" became the norm, then that became offensive, so now we're back to just blacks. Yet blacks can call whites whatever they want. Hell if it weren't for whitey jokes there would be no black comedians, yet whites are not allowed to tell black jokes because it might "offend" them. You think racism works only one way? Think about how you treated the last white person you came in contact with. Shhheeeeesshh.Could someone please explain to me why it's ok to have a black college fund yet a white one would be racist? And don't give me that "whites have more opportunity" crap. If anything, for some unknown reason, whites are held to a higher standard, yet blacks are given the benifit of the doubt. NEWSFLASH: There are poor white people in America also.You don't sell that many records by only appealing to 12% of the population,do you? (Well, YOU probably do.) HipHop labels have black executives, as it should be, since the vast majority of the artisits are black. Yeah let's keep glorifying black "artists" like 50 cent, because apparently that's the best blacks have to offer the music world. A rapper that raps about selling crack, getting shot multiple times and killing white people. So please forgive us grown up white people for not wanting to sing along with someone that wants us dead or hooked on crack and wants to screw our daughters.

Posted 9 years 3 months ago by gitardood

gitardood's picture

GEORGENIXON.I'm glad Bush puts party before country. because only idiots like you would be on the left. so why would we want to put people like you before good people like me. P.S.disregard this message GEORGENIXON if you were being sarcastic.

Posted 9 years 3 months ago by lnbadger

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It's all about sensationalism and gettng attention. Spike hasnt had a hit in a while and needs some face time. He gets my tampon award because he needs to chill out and shut up. There is no reason in America why a black person cannot achieve any level in any arena..even the Presidency..even a black woman (Condi). However, when we shout out Racism, we want more than a fair share. We want government entitlements and this is pure crap and it's what keeps many blacks from rising above being needy. They simply want things given to them. I think those days are passed and perhaps Spike can get creative and get him some face time for something he creates.

Posted 9 years 3 months ago by Tampon Award

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Some Bush NutHugger says:"GEORGEWNIXON is right."You're goddamed right I'm right. What led you here in the first place. Nevermind you lying sack of shiite, I'll answer it for you. The ultra zealot right wing website of Matt "the baldheaded phuck" led you here. You can tell by the posts with a "1" or "2" beside it. The reason that you are on Drudge is because you rat phucks are looking for any type of safe haven that coddels the cokksucker that you would call Bush. His approval ratings are at 29%, and you miserable phucks are the last ones clinging to his pant leg. The Ref**klican talking point seems to be that if someone is angry because of the shape this country's in, then use their anger against them. If a motherphucker ISN'T ANGRY at the way that Bush has phucked up this country with his domestic and foreign policies, then that treasonous motherphucker doesn't really care about his country in the first place. You remaining 29% are probably the boatload of rich cokksuckers who've taken advantage of Bush's tax cut for the rich, so of course you'd still support him like a whore of Babylon. You miserable f**kwads have placed party before country, which is the main reason that we were attacked on 9/11 and why we are losing the war in Iraq. You be proud and exuberrantly happy about the plight of this country, and while you're at it, start practicing the phrase "GEORGE W. BUSH, THE WORST PRESIDENT IN US HISTORY" And be happy when you say it you take it in the ashole from Bush......with no grease...SMILE!!!!

Posted 9 years 3 months ago by GEORGEWNIXON


everyone knows that Bush, Cheney and Halliburton secretly own hollywood and executives. the executives are paid to put out liberal propoganda to get the actors to say crazy stuff and that causes a wedge between the liberals and conservative, elit crappy actors like gwenneth paltro and lindsy lohan verses americans that pay to see that crap.... what was topic? i forget. oh well, just tell spike it's Bush's fault and he'll be happy.

Posted 9 years 3 months ago by lnbadger

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Unreal that people could pin this on Georgey boy. He is not king of the world. If there was ever an area of society that Bush wasn't able to push his ideals on, it would be a Hollywood studio.... Instead of complaining about it Spike, why don't you do something about it?

Posted 9 years 3 months ago by King George

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Spike,You answered your own question, honestly! I shall use an excerpt from one other commenter, though unnamed:They the studios just want to make money...Have you checked what percentage of players in the NBA are black? Could it be because they are disproportionately better athletes and therefore make more money for the owners of the teams for which they play? The people who make the employer the most money are going to get hired, regardless of skin color.Again: QUIT YOUR WHINNING!

Posted 9 years 3 months ago by Sleepy

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GEORGEWNIXON is right. This is all Bush's fault. Look at how many Black studio execs there were before he took office and how many there are now. Go ahead count them. Start a list. I dare you.

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it's funny how he is accusing Hollywood that they are racist since most of Hollywood is very liberal and is supposed to be accepting to all genders, races and beliefs. shame on Hollywood, how can those Liberal forget to higher more blacks? i guess a quota system hasn't been established for hollywood yet...

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Sounds like a lot of sniveling courtesy of the culture of dependency, entitlement and victimization. Or maybe Spike Lee feels he has not had is name in the paper lately and needs to get some print time. If Spike Lee feels so strongly about his why does he not put up his own money with some other investors and create their own studio and hire their “gate keepers” based on race. Right now all I hear is a bunch of whining.

Posted 9 years 3 months ago by Ambush

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Hey Sheldon (aka Spike),Wasn't the dream of Dr. King to have people judged by the content of their character and not the color of their skin?

Posted 9 years 3 months ago by kooltags

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I don't think it has anything to do with racism. It has to do with "Spike" being a complete idiot.Who cares what a man who once sued Spike TV for "stealing" his name has to say about anything.Guess what "Spike" - Spike isn't even your real name.Fade back into obscurity Shelton - nobody cares.....

Posted 9 years 3 months ago by Pez

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Tell you what Spike, when NBA and NFL recruits according to diversity and not ability, then you may have a point. Until that happens, accept fact there is no perfect world; then you may be able to focus wasted energy into something productive.

Posted 9 years 3 months ago by monkihead

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If you don't think there is a double standard, what would happen if we had a Miss White America padgeant, White Entertainment Television, White College Fund, White Music Awards, etc, etc. You want to do away with racism, start in your own backyard. I don't consider myself racist until I hear someone like Mr. Lee, complaining about what he has. I don't have front row seats to NBA games. My dad always said, if you don't like what your doing, do something else, and if you don't like the situation your in, stop complaining and change it. (I thought Hollywood was full of die hard liberals that were for equal rights and freedom for all.)

Posted 9 years 3 months ago by stopwhining

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Scarlett somebody or other was kind enough to point out in her/his racist policy that blacks only make up 12.9% of the population. Well then, let me ask what percentage the jews make up? 3% maybe? What percentage do they make up in Hollywood? Fit that into your argument you racist scum. Consider also the fun that the smaller minority had making fun of the larger majority in their film portrayals during the first half of the last century. It never happened right? uh huh.

Posted 9 years 3 months ago by neoconsnightmare

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Why is it Spike Lee and others like him are always complaining about what others are not doing for him? He's a very wealthy man. Shouldn't he create his own studios where he won't have to beg others to hire African Americans. He can then hire as many African Americans as he wants. When you own the means to production...

Posted 9 years 3 months ago by Veronica

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The vile hate of the left today is unrivaled in modern American history.These people have succumbed to institutionalized hate, propogated by career divisionists like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson, and inflamed by influential hypocrites like Hollywood's "elite", Ted Kennedy, Hillary Clinton and the rest.It's too bad. The party can't seem to help itself from tossing around harmful, divisive rhetoric. They need anger and division. It's what their platform is based upon.Spike is probably correct. There IS a lack of blacks in powerful positions in Hollywood. Why? My best guess is that it is a result of a combination of "natural selection" (best man for the job) at work, and the hypocrisy (closeted racism) of white Hollywood elites and their own "good-ol boy" network.

Posted 9 years 3 months ago by michguy

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Spike - about those FOUR women running the studios... they are also JEWS.Jewish FIRST - not white, or female... JEWISH.That's why all the hollywood 'terrorists' are Muslims.... They've been preparing for a 9/11 world for half a century.PROPAGANDRA matrix isn't black or white... it's JEWISH

Posted 9 years 3 months ago by thomsen

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what an idiot....bitch -bitch -bitch about everything --all the time --about everybody....in all cases on every topic possible..mr lee,i think you should remeber that with out the "white mans" intervention in your ancestors past,you and bryant and jessie and the rest of you ,would be living in a thatch hut carrying a AK and shootiung your own kind for a handfull of corn.....go live your life and please HUSH .......OK...

Posted 9 years 3 months ago by 236chow

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Does anybody really care what this loser 'Spike' has to say? Like the good Rev. Jackson and some of the others, this racist idiot actually creates racism and contributes to the bitter divide with his ridiculous rantings. I'm so tired of seeing these clowns whining about their entitlements. They want slavery reparations, they want affirmative action, they want hate crime laws that to this point, have been one sided, they go on and on about how blacks are still being enslaved here in the United States even though they serve on the Supreme Court and occupy some of the highest positions in the land. They are hypocrites as I haven't seen advocacy groups such as the 'Spike Lee Foundation' working to stop the beatings, enslavement and killing of blacks over in parts of Africa that happens as I write this. I find it odd that millions of innocent black women and children were hacked to death in Rwanda and today in Sudan, yet Spike would rather show his true colors and go after Hollywood because the 'white devil' won't finance one of his movies, if you want to call them that. What, aren't these people being tortured and killed worth intervention or a campaign to stop these abuses at any cost? No, they don't get involved because it isn't in their own backyard and there is nothing in it for them. How despicable...Happily, 'white guilt' as it has been called is disappearing. Nobody cares about people like Spike and their absurd charges of racism that only serves their purpose. Try something else ol' Spike, that well has dried up.

Posted 9 years 3 months ago by Jacques de Molay

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If I were movie exec, I wouldn't want racist, know-nothing like Spike Lee working for me either.

Posted 9 years 3 months ago by MetroSpy

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SL's long recognition as a reactionary racist Blackfilmmaker preceeded him recently...I watched "SuckerFree City" anyway. Gotta tell you; no Jewish slurs,no Italian slurs, rarely even a White slur!!! Imaginemy surprise when Spike's latest actually inferred that"a spade is a spade"!!!

Posted 9 years 3 months ago by 58Burst

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......They all like dat....Been to letterman.....not a bro...in the hole....cept fot Biff............look at em......who am I sposed to look up to.....Spike is my cousin....but I hate his mf'n racist views...i'm just 11 years old.!!!

Posted 9 years 3 months ago by Funnyhowlifeisn...

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Spike's the man, ya'll. Get over it.

Posted 9 years 3 months ago by non_prophet

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I recently came across a Spike Lee movie set in downtown New York City. I did notice one thing about that set.....NOT ONE....REPEAT....NOT ONE WHITE PERSON WAS WORKING ON THAT SET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now why can't we consider him a racist? The double standard in this country is sickening.Here's another example....Bryant Gumbel comes out and says he won't watch the Winter Olympics because there is no representation of the black athlete. He also said that the Olympics looks like a GOP convention. Result....no reprimand from the network. Now last year, Rush Limbaugh says that the media has been behind Donovan McNabb of the Philadelphia Eagles because the media has been trying to create a black quarterback hero. Result....FIRED from ESPN.Double Standard? I think so....Go back to making crappy movies Spike and keep your racist mouth shut.....

Posted 9 years 3 months ago by runner2300

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Spike Lee may be correct about Hollywood. But what do you expect from a place seething with liberalism and all the immoral debased wretched human debauchery that comes with it?Why is Spike Lee so interested in having thier approval? Doesn't he know the far exetreme left liberals are the biggest racists one could ever meet?Most modern day democrats, at least the ones I see, are racist, biggots, intolerant and quite frankly destructive to society because the want to punish success, punish people who want to raise a family with sound morals and values.The problem with 'black' America is that they have been taught entitlement. They are taught that because white man enslaved thier ancestors, and because a white man oppressed them even up until this day, that they are entitled to everything they want on a silver platter. You know who taught them that? White liberal democrats.Its certainly a clever means of oppression. Create in a group of people dependancy by destroying thier families, promoting loose morals and self serving lifestyles. Then when that group of people looks around for answers as to why their life sucks compared to the majority of others, teach them lies and propaganda about your opponants and promote yourself as thier savior, which in turns keeps you in power and enables you to continue to oppress. Thats what the democratic party has done for 40+ years.If you want respect, no matter who you are or where you come from, you will have to earn it like everyone else. Work hard, educate yourself, and live your life like a decent self-respecting human being.

Posted 9 years 3 months ago by lorddreads

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1. Anger blinds wisdom. – His Holiness, The Dalai Lama2. Compassion and tolerance are not a sign of weakness, but a sign of strength. - His Holiness, The Dalai Lama3. Sometimes more silence is better. – His Holiness, The Dalai Lama4. Ewes you’re spill chucker four batter too sea missed palings. - dablueshound

Posted 9 years 3 months ago by dablueshound

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Wow Georgie, nice repsonse!What profanity! Sounds like you are a spokeswoman for Mrs. Clinton!Someone touch a nerve? You are so emotional when you swear using ph-bombs!

Posted 9 years 3 months ago by rdog

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This is to all of you miserable Republican failures who came here via the Dtrudgereport. What Spike Lee says is true, and it more then likely can be blamed on that scumbag President of yours, Greorg "beeyotch ass" Bush. Bush has phucked up everything else in America (Iraq too) so we might as well blame the dearth of Black Hollywod executives on him also. Can you Nut Huggers "WORST PRESIDENT IN US HISTORY"? Well you'd better start practicing. You start a war based on lies and innuendo and then have the audacity to lose that war, that's the price you pay. PHUCK BUSH, PHUCK YOU, AND PHUCK YOUR REPUBLICAN PARTY.................We now return to our regularly scheduled program already in preogress.

Posted 9 years 3 months ago by GEORGEWNIXON


Poor Spike, he really has missed the point. He is right Holloywood is racist, but it is the self righteous libs he should blame. Remember when Halle Berry won her Oscar, the rave in the press was it was about time a black had won, etc, etc, etc. The media killed us with discrimination chatter. Excuse me, who do you think votes for these awards? Who picks the winners? The Hollywood libs my brother. The very folks that claim to be the leaders in diversity and fairness are indeed the epitome of bigotry and racism. Oh my Spike, that is your story!

Posted 9 years 3 months ago by rdog

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"HipHop labels have black executives, as it should be, since the vast majority of the artisits are black."Using your self-righteous (so fond of calling people stupid) logic then whites should indeed run just about everything in this country, putz!And since the consumers of black entertainment products are white then the number of white executives merely reflects the customer base they serve--again applying your logic.Your pink dream of a color-coordinated society is failing. Shucks! Line 'em up! Some people can tell distinguish between races of humans but struggle with discriminating between humans and animals."Must hate whitey, must end whiteness, white people must pay"...ad nauseam. So much hate, so little time spent thinking.

Posted 9 years 3 months ago by AmericanInfidel

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First, Spike Lee is one of the most refreshing new york-based directors we've ever known. He ranks with Woody Allen and Martin Scorsese, by their own admission.He's entitled to his opinion, and certainly welcome to report the truth to you confederates!The unfortunate thing is we always tend to get so preoccupied with the messenger that we ignore the message, even if if it comes from an honest broker. If Hollywood had any intention of playing fair, there might have been academy awards won by The Color Purple, Malcolm X, Bird, Hurricane, Do The Right Thing, and The Green Mile.The Evangelical Christian-dominated right wing of this country's Republican party expends their precious energy and human capital trying to extinguish every remnant of Black art that may seem to be unsettling and reminiscent of the American Black's relatively recent opportuninty to vote legally, bid for government contracts, and attend mainstream colleges and universities equitably.This is not the time for trying to blame Mr. Lee for his position during our constant fight for parity.Spike Lee, like Hollywood, is merely more "Hollywood portraying Life"!

Posted 9 years 3 months ago by hip hop whitey

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Too many white people in one place is not a good thing, right Spike?Mr. Lee, grow huevos enough to admit you are a klansman--only the colors have changed.You hate whitey, 'fess up!I've said for years that the liberals that claim to stand up for black people are, deep down, the most racist. Because they believe blacks are perpetual victims. Hey, it got them a HUGE voting block of useful idiots, they can't complain. Black people are strong and don't need the liberal handicap. Until they discover this truth, and act from this truth, they remain libmeister's toady's.No black executives in liberal-infested hollywood? Liberals think blacks are forever behind the 8 ball, why would they want them to lead???? George Bush hires more blacks for his administration than any President in US history. But how you folks have been brainwashed to hate him and those blacks that he hired--they ain't black enough for ya! Bleach their skin in your minds.Keep chasin' that piper! But, ain't nobody comin'.

Posted 9 years 3 months ago by AmericanInfidel

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scarletroyal et al. You can be racist if you want, but there's no excuse for being so stupid. Your own comments proved Spike Lee's points. You say that the majority of of the NBA is black. How many black owners are there? How many black executives are there? Hell, how many black referrees are there? The motion picture industry is the same way. That was his point, you dumb ass. And your own NBA analogy proved it. If analogy is too big a word for you, I'm sorry. I'll try to keep it simple for you.Blacks make up a small part of the population, but their culture is pervasive and has been appropriated by all of America. Want to sell a ton a fashionable clothes? Get black stars to model them for you and make you hip. A la Tommy Hilfiger. Do you know why rap and hip-hop sells so much? Because WHITE people buy it. You don't sell that many records by only appealing to 12% of the population,do you? (Well, YOU probably do.) HipHop labels have black executives, as it should be, since the vast majority of the artisits are black. There are executives at top levels of all sorts of industries. You probably buy things every day that are manufactured by companies with black in top exec positions, you're probably just too stupid to realize it.But the movie industry stands out from the rest of American industry as an example of an industry that will make a lot of money by using black cultural themes and employing blacks at low levels to make lots of money, while keeping them out of the decision making process.They are making money from blacks, you idiot. Sheesh! There's no excuse for being an American and being that dumb. Get of the internet a read a book for god's sake.

Posted 9 years 3 months ago by brother

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TO: scarlettroyalSpike Lee is a wonderful man. I will defend him - although he doesn't really need me - but you are obvioulsy a very bitter & angry person. My father raised my sister & I to hate racism. We are white. I don't know why we were born white. But I am old enough to remember the "white" and "colored" water fountains in the South. God created us all equal. I find your remarks to be totally off the point Spike Lee was making.

Posted 9 years 3 months ago by patsy994

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I heard Spike Lee on CSpan or PBS in an interview over the past few days. Spike Lee is not only talented & smart but he has 'COMMON SENSE' about life & people. I found him to be refreshing. I am going to become sarcastic for just one moment. Keep in mind that I have no idea what Spike Lee thinks about George W. Bush or Kanye West - this is just my sarcastic remark aimed at "Hollywood" - not aimed at Spike Lee.I THOUGHT IT WAS George W. Bush "WHO DOESN'T LIKE BLACK PEOPLE" - Kanye West at a Katrina fundraiser.Spike's story simply proves what I already knew about Hollywood - the majority of them are hypocrites. They come on TV & pretend to have cared so much about the poor black people in New Orleans. The poor black Americans - men, women & children were left behind in New Orleans long before Katrina came on shore. I wonder how many families or women & children they have personally helped?I believe that in America there is no excuse for people of any color to not become a success at anything they can dream - we all have to go for it. But there is always someone who gives you a hand up... the most successful people in America - the world - had someone to help them. Spike is talking about opportunity if I understand him correctly. Hollywood is so arrogant it makes me sick.

Posted 9 years 3 months ago by patsy994

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Yo, Spikey:I HAVE NEWS: Try to read and heed!The OFFICIAL "black" population is just at 12.9%.That is a very small percentage of the population.Hardly worth the "50 %" that y'all are demanding in EVERY aspect of American life.In fact, I don't know where you get off DEMANDING anything. You are not WORTHY of anything other than your 12.9%. In fact, the way I see it, you have received a whole lot that needs to be returned.Now, here is the BAD news (as far as you are concerned):The black population is declining and will continue to decline.The reasons for this are simple. First, y'all commit way too many crimes and spend way too much time in jail and prison (and that isn't "whitey's fault," that is the fault of the criminal. If I KNEW (for example) that I had a 12.6 % chance of winding up in prison (the percentage of blacks who will wind up in prison) I would be REALLY REALLY CAREFUL. I would (for example) NEVER use drugs. I would (for example) NEVER rob a store. I would (for example) NEVER rape a woman. I would (for example) NEVER deal in stolen goods. You get my drift? Second, y'all have WAY too many babies out of wedlock. That makes for really poor and desperate circumstances that causes youngsters to turn to a life of crime. I would expect that black men would NOT DO THE CRIMES that cause them to go to jail. I would expect them to (a) get an education (b) get a job (c) get married (d) have as many babies as I could afford, and rear them in a way that they would not see a life of crime as an option.Third, your women have WAY too many abortions. That comes from listening to the evil and dangerous and greedy and jealous and horrid LEFTIST DEMOCRAT women who are DEMANDING that black females get all the abortions they can. [Have you ever wondered why the "basically racist" Left is so hot to have black women have abortions? Have you ever wondered why the RIGHT WING females (who come from the Republicans who have supported civil rights since the time of Lincoln) try to convince black women to GIVE BIRTH to their babies?Hmmmmmmmmmmmm?????????? Which "side" wants more black babies to live? Which "side" wants more black babies to die? [Too bad you can't understand that it is the NOISY Left who are the REAL racists. And it is the Christian Right who are NOT racists. You can't figure that out can you, Spikey? You like it better "your" way, even if you are 100% wrong. (Poor stupid Spikey. You think you are soooooo smart. But you just don't get it at all. You have believed ALL the lies of the Left. You really aren't very smart at all.)]Fourth, y'all need to FORM COHESIVE FAMILIES. Then, and only then, will you be able to raise LARGE families that will increase the population. You see, just "having more babies" IS NOT the answer. That only puts more criminals in jail. The ONLY ANSWER is a strong, cohesive, family unit. That means that the male figure HAS to get an education and KEEP A STEADY JOB and GET MARRIED to the mother of his children and REAR the children to be proud, and hard-working, and decent (you know, the Republican way) BECAUSE THE SITUATION YOU ARE IN NOW WAS CAUSED BY THE LEFT. Sadly, the White Supremists are probably going to win this one. You see, Spikey, you HATE REPUBLICANS and you HATE THE CONSERVATIVE MESSAGE and you HATE the Conservative Republican lifestyle (you know, like the one lived by Colin Powell, and Condi Rice, and Jerry Rice, and Herman Cain, and Thomas Sowell, and Clarence Thomas) MORE than you love your own race. And, that seems to be YOUR problem, not mine.

Posted 9 years 3 months ago by scarlettroyal

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