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It was great to watch the clip, especially, since Ms. Lucinda Jackson is my paternal father's great grandmother, also. Spike visited my Uncle George Wshington during one of his visit's to Dublin. I wish he would have included a clip of his family who currently lives on Roberts Street in Dublin, GA in this clip, especially since his grandmother and my dad's mother, Ms. Annie Mae Jackson Washington--(daughter of Wilson and Polly Jackson) were close cousins.

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I saw Bill Bragg,the Director for Georgia Studies at the Georgia College and State University, on a PBS television program discussing Spike Lee's Confederate Ancestry which was quite interesting. We don't get to pick our ancestors so he was a little disappointed to learn that he may be a descendant of a slave and master. Bragg made the point that it is ironic that his slave ancestor was working in a factory that made Colt revolvers that would be used against his liberators. That assessment works for many people 150 years after the fact but it is not historically accurate. Federal Troops were used to put down what the government called a Rebellion, not to free the slaves. In fact Union Commanders did not free the slaves until after the war was over even when they occupied Louisiana, Mississippi and Tennessee. The Emancipation Proclamation applied only to Southern States and was more of a military strategy than that of a liberator. The wife of U.S. Grant owned slaves until the end of the Civil War because as she said "good help is hard to find".History is written by the victors where a lot of the facts never get much play. The Civil War was more about domination of the South as evidenced by Reconstruction, than the liberation of slaves. Had Lincoln declared from the beginning that he invaded Virginia to free the slaves, he would not have been able to raise the army in the numbers that he did. In 1858 Lincoln said" I am not in favor of making jurors of Negroes, nor of qualifying them to hold office...I am not in favor of Negro citizenship." After the election of 1860Lincoln said" Do the people of the South really entertain fears that a Republican administration would directly or indirectly interfere with their slaves or with them about their slaves? If they do I wish to assure you...that there is no cause for such fears." In the Dred Scott decision of March 6, 1857 the Cheif Justice declared for the majority: "Dred Scott was a slave, not a citizen, hence he had no rights under the Constitution, which was made by whites for whites." That was not a Southern declation but one by the Supreme Court. If the Federal Government is given the title of Liberator it should also include some of the messy baggage that goes with it. I'm certain that Spike Lee would also appreciate a more complete historical picture as well. Posted

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