Review of Heavy Metal Machine Single by Spidersimpson

Heavy Metal Machine

Spidersimpson Heavy Metal Machine Single

Showing that patience and hard work can reap rewards, this Birmingham quintet are releasing this, their debut single, three years after first getting together. In that time they've received the backing of some rock titans, including Dave Grohl, who invited the band to record their album at his personal studio.

Available as a download or on limited vinyl, "Heavy Metal Machine" is an aptly titled track that swaggers through at pace, with Adam Zindani firing off the lyrics before blasting off into a chorus vibrant with attitude. Add to that a bridge that can be described as rock's answer to Outkast's "Shake it like a Polaroid picture" hook and you've got a scintillating slice of music. The b-side, "Got No Place To Go", is equally dynamic though perhaps not as catchy, but still displays the immense potential of the band. As impressive a debut as there has been this year, 2007 should see them breakthrough into the mainstream radar.

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