Review of Lose Myself EP by Spidersimpson

Lose Myself
EP Review

Spidersimpson Lose Myself EP

Even before they had a record deal, this Birmingham quintet had toured with Stereophonics and has more recently had national radio support from Dave Grohl. They are one of Britain's most exciting unknown bands, but that will soon change and they have recently announced a thirteen date December tour which will culminate in a hometown show. Recorded under the band's former guise of Casino, this EP shows why Polydor have now snapped them up.

Mid-paced rolling guitars introduce "Lose Myself" before giving way to Adam Zindani's soft vocals and it isn't until the second chorus that the track really hits home, with the vocalist showcasing a classic rock voice. It's a solid anthem that most bands would name as one of their best - yet here it is overshadowed. "Sadie Malone" obliterates the senses, romping along and with some "woohoos" thrown in for good measure, while "Wanna Be My Lover" (recently re-recorded as "It's You") sees the band crack the volume up to ten. Relentless and inspiring, you'll be singing along by the last chorus. Those looking for something a little deeper should be satisfied by "Fallen Out Of Love", it's theme self-explanatory and its melodies infectious - and it may well have you reaching for the air guitar. Catch these guys in a club near you soon because it isn't likely they'll be in small venues for much longer.

Alex Lai

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