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Spidersimpson, My Alamo, The Mexicolas
The Cockpit, Leeds
Live Review


Tonight is the first English date of a rotating headliner tour for three of the most promising Birmingham rock bands. All have record deals and between them they’ve racked up shows with the likes of Stereophonics and festival appearances at Download and Oxegen Festivals.

Kicking proceedings off were a trio named The Mexicolas. Their line-up includes local Leeds boy Jamie Evans (Vocalist), which guarantees a cheer in itself from a respectable sized audience. Their melodic rock is easy on the ear, particularly next single “Everybody’s Big In Japan” & “Shame” which were both standout moments of their set. All credit to The Mexicolas, they set a high standard for the remaining bands to match.

Arriving with questionable headwear & hair styles that might affect the Ozone are My Alamo, a quartet who lean their sound toward grunge. Heavy riffs are a mainstay in their songs, They plod thru their set with little worthy of note until their penultimate track, “In The Blood”, a monstrous track that suddenly grabs the attention of those present with a huge chorus, while “1994” also displays that the band are capable of producing energetic anthems.

Last but not least are Spidersimpson, They waste no time & immediately break out into their own brand of slick rock’n’roll in the shape of “It’s You”. “Heavy Metal Machine”, “Sadie Malone” and provisional next single, “I’m So Tired” all ensure the high octane pace continues. The most interesting moment of the set falls on new song, “World Of Mass Confusion”, driving bass and choppy guitars give way to a furious chorus that bears the hallmarks of their trademark sound. With quality music in abundance, they bring an end to a night of enjoyable entertainment that may very well feature at least one of the next band’s to join Britain’s rock elite.

Alex Lai

Spidersimpson -