Speakman Sound - Interview

08 September 2014

Interview with Speakman Sound September 2014

Interview with Speakman Sound September 2014

Speakman Sound are brothers Todd and Guy Speakman. The producer duo hail from Glastonbury and combine their love of 60s psychedelia with a soulful twist, think Dan Deacon does vintage house and you're almost there. 

Their latest single 'In Flight' is a beautifully crafter slice of modern ambient house with Georgia Mason. The brothers Speakman stopped by for a quick chat to tell us about the single and their plans.

Contactmusic: Why did you decide to start making music together?
Speakman Sound: We were bored of playing Batman and Robin and Dad let us into his studio.

CM: Aside from creating your own sounds, tell us about the other work you do in music:
SS: We produce for lots of other artists and have great relationships with various music scenes in London. The Speakman Sound brand extends to other fields as well with our team being involved in sound art, film production and education. Our studio is a platform where we can offer work experience and mentoring for young people and we are currently working with Charlie Parker at Hipology mentoring young ex-offenders and helping them feel inspired and get them into work or education positions.

CM: What is the Roundbadge Collective?
SS: Roundbadge Collective was started by Todd (older bro) whilst at Uni. It was actualy a graphics agency to link Todd's contacts and ideas in the graphics and art world with musicians and artists he knew. The dream would be to grow it into a collective of artists, musicians, film makers etc etc which is happening quite naturally as our careers grow.

CM: The music has been described as 'electro' but how would you specify your genre?
SS: Always a difficult question, but there are definitely some world beats and jazz influences in there as well as the electro, psychadelic and house sound.

So lets go with, dance music...

CM: Electronic music has seeped into popular culture more and more over the last few decades, are there any artists in that genre that stand out for you?

SS: Too many to mention, especially as it goes a lot further back than most people realise, with artists such as Daphne Oram and Joe Meek and then Jean Michele Jarr. Modern artists that I would pick out would be; Fourtet, Floating Points, Jon Hopkins.

CM: As a music making duo, what do you hope to achieve with Speakman Sound?
SS: We hope to be able to make a living through producing our own music and that of other artists. We then hope to build enough of a name to be able to run music education, reform and theropy schemes across the world. (Of course taking Speakman Sound live and performing at Glastonbury would be a nice thing as well!)

CM: Have you performed live yet as Speakman Sound and what can audiences expect?

SS:We hope to take Speakman Sound Live this year and to be playing bigger shows next year. We would love to create an album and hope to continue producing other artists.

CM: What does each of you bring to Speakman Sound?
SS: We both take influences from lots of different kinds of music and sounds. Our sepeate journeys in music mean we can share and help each other grow musicly, creating a blend of sound which kind of has no bariers. 

An obvious influence from UK club culture is evident, (growing up in the field rave culture of Somerset helped this!) Todd brings a lot of jazz and world influence whilst Guy brings a lot of hip hop and Detroit house to the mix. Our seperate company working in film also influences us making a cinematic edge to our sound.

Todd is a trained percussionist and composer and Guy is a trained studio engineer and producer.

CM: You have a free track and a single out right now, can you tell us more about those?
SS: Both of the tracks feature the fanastically talented Georgia Mason, who is currently also releasing her own music under her own name. 

'Survive This Dream' (free) was actually finished a year ago, but has recently received some great radio play on BBC Radio 1 and BBC 6 Music. It was produced completely organically using a lot of analogue techniques. 

The upcoming release "In Flight" also features the choir from Hackney New School Choir where Todd teaches drums. The song is about youth exploration and empowerment so having childrens' voices on it was imperative. There is also a feature from close friend Jon Moody on the extended version which includes a fantastic keys solo leading the track out. 

CM: What are your plans for the next year?
SS: We are starting the process of turning Speakman Sound into a live show. We also have remixes for other artists due to come out, as well a couple of exciting projects producing other artists. We would love to be comissioned to do an album in the near future.

Face Book - http://www.facebook.com/speakmansound


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