Review of Threes Album by Sparta

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Sparta Threes Album

Sparta's sound has, on their first two albums, been close to the sound of more recent U2 sound mixed with their War intensity. Threes saw the band sequestered in a warehouse in El Paso, Texas, to write, and like U2's Joshua Tree, the arid air has created a more open, grounded and meaningful set of songs (although they were subsequently recorded in Seattle).

With a style that picks up from emo, My Chemical Romance and, yup, U2, there is an anthemic rock sound throughout. Unlike many of their contemporaries, there is variety in the pop rock anthems, and some emotional authenticity. The single Taking Back Control deserves its spot on at least one file soundtrack for its dark intensity, where songs like Without A Sound take the fight to An Unforgettable Fire. The bombast is measured, the guitars strong and up front, the vocals have great range and sincerity. For a band that grew from At The Drive In only 5 years ago, Threes sees the band significantly mature and grow.


Mike Rea

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