The world famous SXSW festival kicks off tomorrow, March 7 with a veritable mixed bag of cultural highlights, including a giant vending machine designed and implemented by Doritos, which Lady GaGa is now allowed to perform in. Sorry, what? The city of Austin initially denied a permit for Gaga to play the vending machine stage, citing safety concerns, but someone must have offered someone a lifetime’s supply of chips & dip because it’s happening.


She’ll mark her first performance at SXSW with her concert at the restaurant and music venue Stubb's Bar-B-Q on March 13 (the emphatic stage has been relocated there). Two nights of music – curated by the Doritos brand, under the wing of PepsiCo's Frito-Lay – will take place in the aforementioned giant vending machine after that.

“I hope everyday to inspire my fans to follow their dreams, hold their talents precious and go for it. Doritos is supporting this same message. I always say, ‘I hope to spread love with every invention,’ and I’m excited to see how the crowd at SXSW will spread their own mantras,” said Gaga to Billboard.

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In a YouTube video unveiling the campaign that debuted this morning (March 6) Gaga announced the first ‘Bold Mission’, which basically means, ‘try and prove how much you want to see me, and give Doritos some free marketing content in the meantime.’ "We’re calling it Bold Bravery. I want you to share a picture or a video that expresses your individuality through a bold action. What bold thing have you done that makes you stand out?” asks Gaga.

Here's Gaga talking about the first Doritos challenge

Things will probably be a tad tricky though; Gaga usually commands crowds of anything between 16-20,000, and the max headcount at Stubb’s can’t exceed 2,000, so there’ll be plenty of disappointed Gaga SXSWers knocking about. Cheer them up by buying them a bag of Doritos. Damn! It’s working!

“As a brand at PepsiCo, marketers don’t like to do the same thing year after year by nature,” says Jeff Klein, Frito Lay’s senior director of marketing. “But this has been a successful initiative for us every year in terms of getting the brand narrative out there, whether it was Jacked chips in 2012 or launching the global campaign for Bold in 2013. This year we wanted to put a unique twist to remind people what the brand is about.”

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