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U.s. Comedian Sales Dead

Soupy Sales

American comedian Soupy Sales has died at the age of 83.

The funnyman, who famously threw pies at celebrities including Frank Sinatra, Tony Curtis and Shirley MACLaine, passed away on Thursday (22Oct09) at a hospice in New York.

Sales entered the facility last week (begs12Oct09) and suffered from a number of health problems, according to his manager and longtime friend Dave Usher.

The star appeared in several U.S. gameshows throughout his career and had his own daily children's television programme, Lunch with Soupy Sales.

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'The Big Apple Comic Book, Art, Toy & Sci-fi Show' - Day One, Held At The Penn Plaza Pavillion.

Soupy Sales and Apple Friday 16th November 2007 'The Big Apple comic book, art, toy & sci-fi show' - day one, held at the Penn Plaza Pavillion. New York City, USA

Soupy Sales and Apple

...and God Spoke Review

Arthur Borman's mockumentary doesn't have the stature of Spinal Tap or Best in Show, but it's a genuinely funny entry into what has become a rapidly tiring category.

...And God Spoke is a spoof about the making of a film (bad sign), a $10 million eponymous movie condensing the whole of the Bible into a feature film. Naturally, as mockumentaries demand, everything goes wrong. In the first half hour, Eve turns up with a full body tattoo, the shoot runs low on disciples, and Jesus gets cut from the film. Some of the film's moments are inspired: Namely Soupy Sales' appearance as Moses (and Lou Ferrigno vs. Andy Dick as Cain and Abel), plus a P.A.'s trunk where the film is discovered, covered in syrup. The producer and director -- Michael Riley and Stephen Rappaport -- are hysterical, deadpan and oblivious to the disaster in the making.

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Soupy Sales

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