Sophie B. Hawkins is pregnant! The 50-year-old American singer, best known for her songs 'Right Beside You' and 'As I Lay Me Down', has confirmed she is expecting her second child whilst speaking to Us Weekly. Hawkins conceived using a sperm donor and her own frozen embryo, according to the Toronto Sun. There have been some concerns expressed by the media about Hawkins' age but she has dismissed such discussions, explaining she is "in great health".

Sophie B. Hawkins
Sophie B. Hawkins is pregnant with her second child.

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Hawkins has one son, six-year-old Dashiell, and is excited for him to have a sibling. Dashiell was born in November 2008 and named after Gigi Gaston, Hawkins former partner. Hawkins has raised Dashiell as a single parent and providing him with a sibling is the main motivation behind her decision to have another child. "I found Dashiell really needs a sibling. My son has one parent who's 50. I want him to have a family of young people too!" Hawkins told People

Hawkins was initially concerned about having a child owing to her age and worried about caring for a second baby. She explained her thought process joking how she'd thought: "'Am I too old? Will I suddenly at 51 have my knees give out?'" However, Hawkins realised she was healthy and the issue was emotional and not physical. She claimed she was concerned about her relationship with her son and how a new child may create a distance between them.

"The risks emotionally seemed huge, losing the closeness with Dash, our free and adventurous life style, and the risk that he would feel betrayed by my having another child," Hawkins told Us Weekly. "We've come through serious trauma with depth, healing and humour and that has made our bond even stronger. I grieved a lot when I finally decided to put the embryo inside of me."

Hawkins is reportedly expecting a baby girl, due in July.