Singer Solange Knowles has credited her ex-husband with helping her to balance work with motherhood, because she would struggle to keep her career alive if they didn't share such a great partnership.
The Texas native wed college sportsman Daniel Smith when she was 17 and they became parents to Julez months later. The high school sweethearts split in 2007 and Knowles moved with her son to Los Angeles.
But the former couple has managed to co-parent the six year old without going through any nasty custody battles and Knowles will be forever grateful to her ex for being so co-operative.
She tells WENN, "Because of that, I'm able to make the rest of my life work. When I do travel he comes out from Houston and Julez is here in L.A... So whenever I have to take a trip to DJ or write or record, then daddy comes out here and they have their time together, so it actually works really well.
"In fact, I don't know how I'd be able to work if we didn't have that kind of partnership."
Beyonce's younger sister insists her failed union hasn't tainted her view of marriage forever and the 24 year old would be open to walking down the aisle again in a few years' time.
She says, "I would possibly (marry) further down the line. I'm still really young and considering that I was so young the first time, I definitely want to spend some time growing and evolving myself before I created a partnership in that way."
Knowles admits she's keen to give Julez a little brother or sister, but she wants to wait until she's more settled in her personal life so she can give her second kid more of a "traditional" upbringing.
She adds, "I have the (baby) bug! Now that he's six, I definitely have days where I have to tell my uterus to calm down!... I toured with my son basically (from) two to almost five years old... and although it was a really beautiful and unique journey and upbringing for him, there's so many beautiful things that have come out of that with him that I see in him that I definitely don't see in more traditional kids. It has its cons as well, so I think the next go round I might try to do things in a more traditional way. We'll see, we'll see."