Something's going on in Korea. The movies coming out of that small, dynamic country just keep getting better, funnier, wilder, more violent, more transgressive, more moving, more "more."

Case in point, Lee Chang-dong's Oasis, a subversive slice of Seoul life that's both funny and heartbreaking and that would never get made in America, no way, no how. The center of this cinematic storm is Hong Jong-Du (Sol Kyung-gu), a young man who's just been released from prison after serving three years for hit-and-run manslaughter. There's something not quite right with the smiling, singing Jong-Du. He may or may not be retarded, but he's clearly got the worst case of adult ADD in town. He's jittery and unable to focus on even the shortest conversation. But once he gets an idea in his head... watch out.

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