Actress Sofia Vergara has officially become the poster woman for thyroid diseases after signing on to front a new awareness campaign.

The Modern Family star was diagnosed with thyroid cancer 14 years ago and had to have her thyroid removed.

She now suffers from hypothyroidism and has to take medication regularly to control it.

She says, "It was great for me to team up with the Follow the Script campaign because it's something that I can relate to, something that I went through. I suffer (from) hypothyroidism; I have to take the pill every morning and one of the most important things that I realised is I'm very... educated about it.

"I am not ignorant about my situations and I think this is a big thing with hypothyroidism. People don't go through a lot of things not knowing what they have and if you go in and get yourself educated about it, then you can help yourself."