Snoop Dogg has revealed the real reason behind his brief 2004 divorce spat with wife SHANTE BROADUS - he took his love of pimping way too far. The rapper filed for divorce from his wife after she objected to his wild lifestyle as the secret boss of a gang of California hookers. Snoop - real name CALVIN BROADUS - tells Rolling Stone magazine he got involved in the pimp culture through pal BISHOP DON MAGIC JUAN and quickly found himself at the head of a small sex empire. He boasts, "I had a bitch on every exit from the 10 freeway to the 101 freeway 'cause bitches would recruit for me." The rap star admits his love of pimping helped him turn his back on his gang affiliations - but he got so involved in the seedy sex culture it almost ended his marriage when his wife decided enough was enough. He adds, "She'd act like it didn't happen but she knew it was happenin' because pimps would come over, get dressed, and then go to the Players Balls." Snoop realised it was time to save his marriage when his fellow pimps told him to go back to his wife after he picked up the Bishop Don Magic Juan Lifetime Achievement Award at a Players Ball in Chicago, Illinois. And now he's retired: "I had enough. That pimping s**t was cool because I needed to do it... but I'm into the family."