Snoop Dogg is bringing out his own range of snack foods.

The 39-year-old rapper promises fans will be able to buy his own-branded hot dogs and ice cream in the coming months.

He said: "My Snoop Dogg hot dogs will be coming out soon. The foot-long Snoop Dogg hot dog, you hear me.

"The ice cream s**t is going to happen asap. Snoop's Scoops."

Snoop also claimed he is planning to release his own exercise DVD in order to show people how to stay in shape while eating as much fried food as he currently includes in his diet.

He told Q magazine: "Man, I know how to work that s**t off. How? I've got a Brand New exercise that I like to do. I'm going to put out this tape so you can all see it."

As well as his planned food range, Snoop has previously endorsed a satellite navigation system, which he admits he has installed din his own vehicles.

He added: "I know you're tired of hearing the same, 'five miles to exit' so I put some hood touches on there.

"You hear my voice and it's comforting to know that you're getting close to your 'fi-nal des-tin-aaaation.'

"How many cars do I have? About 22, 23."