Snoop Dogg would shoot any intruders who got inside his home.

The 39-year-old rapper - who has three children with wife Shante - has never sought help from law enforcement officials and says he would rather deal with problems on his own.

He told Q magazine: "Would I call police? Who? Never. What would I do if there was an intruder on my property? Bang, bang."

Despite his tough stance, Snoop - who has been arrested on numerous occasions over drug and firearm possession charges - admits he felt "comforted" the first time he toured Europe because so few people carry guns.

He said: "It felt very comforting to know that I couldn't get shot."

The rapper is honest with his children about his past because he would rather tell them himself than let them learn from other places.

He said: "My kids know who I am, I explained it to them, the things I've done, the time I spent in jail, the reason why I went to jail, when I sold drugs.

"I told them everything so they could know from me first, as opposed to going on the internet or hearing about it from somebody else. They can make up their own minds and say, 'Well my dad told me this, I know how my dad gets down so I believe him."