US rapper Snoop Dogg hasn’t exactly struck us in the past as a fan of English football league club Norwich F.C., but the West Coast rapper has shown his support for the team by wearing their jersey during his performance at Radio One’s Big Weekend on Saturday.

Snoop DoggSnoop played Radio One’s Big Weekend on Saturday.

Perhaps the rapper had heard about the team’s important clash on Monday with Middlesborough at Wembley and wanted to show his support for the Canaries. Or maybe he was just trying to endear himself to the Big Weekend crowd.

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This year the festival takes place at Norwich’s Earlham Park and Snoop kicked things off inside the packed In New Music We Trust tent, playing a storming greatest hits set. The rapper also reminded the crowd of his past troubles in the UK referencing the time he was banned from entering the country in 2007.

Of course the ban is now lifted and the 43 year old happily declared to the crowd, "I love the UK,” after playing his hit ‘Drop it Like It's Hot’. Before his set Snoop showed his love for his new footie shirt on Instagram, sharing a series of pics of him wearing the yellow and green jersey. The top had also been personalised, reading ‘Dogg 20’ on the back.

But before Norwich fans start getting visions of Snoop sitting next to Delia Smith at the team’s next game, it must be pointed out this isn’t the first time the rapper has worn the shirt of an English football team.

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Snoop donned an Arsenal shirt during a promotional video for a UK tour back in 2011 and he has previously been pictured in the jerseys of Man United, Chelsea, Liverpool, QPR and even Cardiff F.C. That’s a whole lot of divided loyalty, Snoop Lion.