Snoop Dogg wants to release his own dictionary.

The 39-year-old rapper would love to release a 'Doggtionary', which would give definitions to the unusual words and phrases he uses in his everyday speech.

Asked if he would release his own phrase book, he said: "Oh that's dope. I like that. A Doggtionary, where I break down my words, give you a definition and put it in a sentence with a noun, an adverb and an adjective. You might have one there."

The rapper went on to explain the differences between a 'G' and a 'hustla' as referenced in his song 'Gz and Hustlas'.

He told Q magazine: "A 'G' is a gangster at all times and he takes what he wants. He doesn't give a f**k, that's just how it is and he's more feared than respected.

"A 'hustla' is one who's going to get money by any means necessary."

Snoop is also famed for using the phrase "fo-shizzle", which he says means "definite".

He explained: "To me, it just means 'for sure' or 'a definite'. Is everything cool? Fo-shizzle. You feeling good today? Fo-shizzle."