The rapper appears alongside Iranian pop star Amitis Moghaddam in the promo for their collaboration King, and in the video, he is seen sitting on a throne smoking what appears to be a marijuana joint.

The video also features pole dancers and semi-naked men, as well as a symbol called the Faravahar, a sacred icon of Zoroastrianism - an ancient religion from Iran which has a following in modern-day India, and members of a Zoroastrian group are protesting against its use in the clip.

Members of a Parsi Zoroastrian civil group in Calcutta, India have filed a petition with a local court asking for the video to be banned, alleging the stars have been "insensitive" to their religious beliefs.

They are asking for the promo for be removed from and other video sharing sites such as Vevo.

A hearing in the case is scheduled for 17 July (15).