Snoop Dogg thinks David Beckham is a ''passionate father.''

The rapper says that the La Galaxy soccer player always puts his four children, Brooklyn, Cruz, Romeo and Harper first.

He told the Daily Star: ''I had lunch with David and there is No Doubt about his main passion in life. It isn't soccer, it isn't his endorsements, it isn't making money - it's his kids. I have never met such a passionate father.

''He is keeping it real for all fathers out there, and I can tell you he don't want to stop.''

He said while the 37-year-old is desperate for more Little Ones he will have to convince his fashion designer wife Victoria Beckham.

He continued: ''David has four great kids, but he has told me he wants more. If he could persuade Victoria, I don't think he would stop having kids, but it's probably going to be another two.''

The 40 -year-old also thinks David and his wife set a great Example to famous couples with their relationship.

He said: ''They have one of the strongest marriages in showbusiness. My man's soccer career isn't going to last forever. He told me he'd love to be a stay-at-home dad. Victoria has all her clothing labels going on, but David is a genuine guy.

''I am sure he would have no problem staying at home and making the breakfast and changing the diapers.''