Rapper Snoop Dogg was forced to change his verse on Katy Perry's CALIFORNIA GURLS after the Beach Boys threatened to sue for referencing their original CALIFORNIA GIRLS anthem.
The ageing rockers released their summer smash in 1965 and Snoop Dogg decided to pay tribute to the band in a line on Perry's pop song, about wishing all the girls could be California girls.
But the Beach Boys objected to the lyric, citing copyright infringement, and served Perry's label bosses with a legal notice - prompting the hip-hop star to alter his verse, according to Rolling Stone magazine.
Ironically, Beach Boy Brian Wilson recently gave the singer's track his seal of approval after learning she wrote the 2010 summer hit as a tribute to his group's fun-loving surf pop.
He told the Los Angeles Times, "I love her vocal. She sounds very clear and energetic... The melody is infectious."