The Smashing Pumpkins have organised a benefit concert to raise funds for Madina Lake rocker MATTHEW LEONE's medical care following a savage beating.
The bass player was attacked and knocked unconscious after he attempted to break up a violent domestic dispute between two strangers at the beginning of the month (Jul10).
He suffered a broken jaw and nose and a fractured skull, and recently underwent a life-saving operation to remove part of his skull to reduce swelling on his brain.
He has been discharged from hospital, but his twin brother and band frontman Nathan Leone reveals the bassist may require more surgery.
Fellow Chicago, Illinois rockers the Smashing Pumpkins will perform a benefit concert in the city next Tuesday (27Jul10) and they are even selling tickets to watch the soundcheck, with all proceeds going to the Matthew Leone Fund.
Nathan Leone says, "Matthew and I have been completely overwhelmed by the outpouring of compassion and support during this impossible time. It has proved that there are far more amazing people in the world than any other kind and we're grateful beyond words.
"Being among the biggest Smashing Pumpkins fans in the world, we still haven't processed the fact that they are contributing in such an unprecedented way. Not only is this going to be a monumental event in our lives but more importantly it's a massive statement against domestic violence, violence against women and violence in general."