Smashing Pumpkins are suing their record label for illegally using their name and music in promotional deals. The band claim Virgin Records' use of their name and image in a Pepsi Stuff promotion has damaged the band's credibility with fans. In a lawsuit filed at Los Angeles Superior Court Monday (24Mar08), the rockers say they have "worked hard for over two decades to accumulate a considerable amount of goodwill in the eyes of the public" and the adverts threaten their reputation for "artistic integrity". Virgin put out Smashing Pumpkins' music for more than 17 years, but the only active agreement between the two parties, the lawsuit claimed, is a deal granting Virgin permission to sell digital downloads of the band's songs. The agreement does not give Virgin the right to use the band in promotional campaigns to sell outside products, the lawsuit said. The band members - who said they would "never grant such authority to Virgin, or any other entity" - have demanded that Virgin pay compensation with the profits that were earned in the promotion. They have also asked for an injunction against the label using the band's name or music in the future.