Review of Inspiration Information Album by Sly & Robbie

Album review of Inspiration Information by Sly & Robbie featuring Amp Fiddler.

Sly & Robbie Inspiration Information Album

Inspiration Information is a collaboration based recording project and is creating a unique situation bringing classic acts together with current inspiring artists to jam and record. In this case a 5 day studio session with legendary reggae rhythm section Sly & Robbie and sweet soul singer P-funk follower Amp Fiddler. It's credit to Inspiration Information to create such a situation.

There are some very cool tracks. 'Blackhouse (Paint The White House Black)' is especially cool. This classic George Clinton inspired track has all the P-Funk and consciousness to create a seriously sweet sound and groove. Great vocals as you'd expect from Amp Fiddler. There's also a cool version of 'I Believe In You' from Amp Fiddlers first album. Of course we'd expect some reggae vibes from Sly & Robbie with 'Lonely' that has all of that and 'U' projects a sweet dub vibe, nice sunshine vibes too.
You'd expect it be chilled out as all these cats are soulful laid back chaps. Considering it's a collaboration that been put quickly together quickly it doesn't have the depth of where obviously these guys could go but there's no denying there's quality here. Amp Fiddler sounds great with Sly & Robbie especially on 'Drama Insides', proper D'Angelo quality. To me it's just a taster of great soul, funk and roots inspired music so thanks to Inspiration Information for that.

Tareck Ghoneim

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