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Slugabed - Mountains Come Out Of The Sky Album Review

22 year-old Greg Feldwick aka Slugabed is certainly making a name for himself in the UK. Originally from Bath and having moved to Brighton, he managed to establish himself there and get spotted by Ninja Tune having remixed Roots Manuva's classic single 'Witness'; he has gone on to remix other tracks from label mates such as Eskmo and Stateless. Influenced by bass sounds such as grime, drum and bass and breakbeat, Slugabed is stretching these influences by introducing modern electro sounds and other classical elements to the mix.

'Mountains Come Out Of The Sky' certainly highlights a compelling sound that is introspective and deep. The fusion of progressive sounds makes for a sophisticated listen that is engrossing and reflective. There's some cool remixes on this track and 'I Dreamt I Could Skate-Board Really Well' is a track that is definitely a well-produced tune and full of character. A cool single, I think, and it seems Slugabed is someone to watch out for in the future.

Tareck Ghoneim

Slugabed, Time Team Album Review

Punk; it's like it never needed to happen. After all, thirty five years since John Lydon made himself public enemy #1 by singing about god saving our Lizzy during Jubilee year, its legacy seems to have distilled back to a few decent fonts and some Vivienne Westwood frocks, with what felt like revolution at the time is now something more akin to a spot of teenage peth.

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Slugabed, Sun Too Bright Turn It Off Album Review

As a confirmatory signal that you're in the moment and giving the zeitgeist the seeing-to of its life, getting a commission to remix Roots Manuva's classic Witness (1 Hope) for last year's epoch defining Ninja Tune retrospective is a door opening; that the criminally under recognised artist liked it so much, that he now uses the version in his own live set is an accolade genuinely worth bragging about. It was an act of fandom even more unlikely given the boundary pushing liberties that Greg "Slugabed" Feldwick took with the original, removing its signature rolling synth-bassline and transporting the whole aesthetic from grim South London to Miami via fleshy, brash key pads that were rendered down directly from sweat-slick eighties funk.

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Slugabed, Moonbeam Rider Album Review

Brighton is known for being quirky and out there, sometimes way out there past Neptune and towards the Kuiper Belt. For Brighton based Gregory Feldwick, aka Slugabed, his music epitomises that analysis.

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