According to The Sun Slash was desperate to collaborate with Thom Yorke on his new solo album - but he was too scared to approach the Radiohead frontman.
The former Guns N' Roses guitarist enlisted a slew of music stars to work on his upcoming self-titled record, including Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl, Motorhead's Lemmy, Kid Rock, Iggy Pop, Fergie and Ozzy Osbourne.
The musician had planned to ask Yorke to provide vocals for his track Saint is a Sinner Too, but he was too nervous to call the singer in case he turned down the offer.
He says, "The first calls I made were to the people I knew really well - like Iggy, Ozzy and Lemmy. I felt safe calling them. Then there were people like Kid Rock, who I'd jammed with at a bar. But asking the people I didn't know was daunting. I wanted Thom Yorke to do Saint is a Sinner Too, but I didn't have the balls to call him.
"I didn't think I could get him so a friend recommended Rocco DeLuca - who was an amazing discovery."
The track was eventually recorded with DeLuca, who fronts rock band Rocco DeLuca and the Burden, singing lead vocals.