Slash will start recording his second solo album this weekend.

The legendary ex-Guns N' Roses guitarist has 17 songs ready to take to the studio and already has blisters on his fingers from all the practice he's been putting in.

In a series of tweets he wrote: "Listening to demos we recorded last week. Some tighter than others but sounding good. 14 songs together so far. 3 more to go. Looking good to record 3 songs starting this weekend (sic)."

Referring to the original guitar he used to record his former band's definitive 'Appetite for Destruction' album, he added: "Played my original AFD Les Paul all day today. Its been awhile. Its like an old friend. Such a great guitar (sic).

"'I got blisters on my fingaas!!'-John Lennon. Tell me about it. At least I was told it was John. Regardless who said it, I've got them & I love them (sic)."

The guitarist will be backed in the studio by his hand-picked band, which includes singer Myles Kennedy, rhythm guitarist Bobby Schneck, bassist Todd Kerns and drummer Brent Fitz.

Ahead of recording, Kerns wrote on his blog: "We have been working on riffs for a while, since we were on the road even. Those riffs have ballooned to almost 20 songs and growing.

"We have been hard at it in several writing sessions we'll be entering Barefoot studios with Eric Valentine in a few days to start work on the first few songs. We'll finish up the record before the end of the year.

"It promises to be very exciting. I'm stoked!"

The album will be a follow up to 2010's 'Slash', which saw the guitarist work with a number of high profile guest vocalists, although he has solidified the line up of his backing band for the second album.