Slash writes up to 80 songs when he's on the road.

The 48-year-old musician spends ''every free moment'' coming up with musical ideas to share with collaborator Myles Kennedy, which they later work into tracks.

He said: ''We do a lot of touring and during the time we spent on the road, every free moment I spend just playing my guitar and when I come up with a riff or a musical idea, I record it on my phone, over the course of the tour I accumulate around 50-80 of these things.

''Also sometimes I have an idea and I'll turn it on to Miles and see if he digs it.

''When he's not working with me, he's got another band so I'll send him stuff and he'll start putting a melody together and I'll work with the rhythm section and then we'll all come together.''

However, Myles admits Slash's way of working can be disruptive if they're not in the same place.

He said in an interview on UK radio: ''He sends them at all hours and sometimes I would get them and be like, 'I want to get some sleep' but I want to hear it, then ideas come and I want to work on it, it's inspiring.''

Slash quipped in response: ''That's only because you change a lot of timezones, I always send them at a reasonable hour.''