Former GUNS 'N ROSES star Slash has to undergo 'traffic school' in Los Angeles after getting carried away behind the wheel of his car while listening to the new MEGADETH album. The rocker was caught speeding by police as he blasted United Abominations from his car's sound system - forgetting he wasn't behind the wheel of a rocket. In a post on Megadeth's website, bassist James Lomenzo reveals, "I ran into an old friend of mine in the hotel lobby in Portland (Oregon) a week and a half ago, Slash. We chatted a bit and then he got serious (seemingly) and said, 'Thanks to Megadeth I've got to go to traffic school!' "I asked, 'Why?' and he explained, 'I love the new album. Every time I drive I've got it crankin' in my car... I've gotten two speeding tickets thanks to you guys and now I've got to go to f**kin' traffic school!'"