Solinger stated he had quit the band to pursue his solo career in a statement released last week (06Apr15), but now it appears he didn't have much choice.

Bassist Bolan tells the One On One With Mitch Lafon podcast, "We released him. The statement that (was) made wasn't really... the right thing to say on his part."

Bolan admits he and his bandmates had been growing dissatisfied with Solinger for some time, adding, "There were certain things going on out on the road that kind of set us thinking... Things had been going on for a little bit... At certain times, you just get the feeling someone isn't putting a hundred per cent into things. And Skid Row is very important to the rest of us.

"We wanted to carry on with quality performances and quality songs, so we decided to make a change."

The band quickly announced Solinger's replacement in Tony Harnell to stop fans from speculating about a possible reunion with former frontman Sebastian Bach.

Bolan explains, "That's why we made the call to Johnny and announced Tony the same day. We knew if we had let Johnny go a couple of months ago, when we had started working with Tony, that would be the thing everyone would be thinking. There's no real way to win that situation. People are gonna think that there's gonna be a reunion no matter what. But the fact of the matter is there's not."

And Bolan insists the band have made the right choice in former TNT star Harnell, adding, "We've known Tony for years... and although I wasn't a big TNT fan, I was a Tony Harnell fan... He still has his pipes (voice), he looks cool... and so we started working with him in a rehearsal situation and things went really well, and we made a decision."