The We Are Family hitmakers have been estranged from youngest sister Kathy ever since she left the group to go solo almost 20 years ago, and it appears the other Sledge girls are determined to keep her out when they perform their biggest gig in years in their hometown, as part of the World Meeting of Families.

Kathy's representative Edna Sims tells WENN Kathy is keen to join her sisters onstage and end their feud in front of Pope Francis, but Joni, Debbie and Kim Sledge have refused to let her participate.

Sims says, "This is an opportunity for the sisters to put their differences aside before Pope Francis and the World Meeting of Families to perform for their fans.

"While the sisters have all explored their own solo projects and careers, over the years the group has traditionally joined forces to perform their iconic hit songs for historic events such as this Papal visit.

"Kathy has even written a letter to her sisters requesting that the group put any differences aside and unite as family to perform as one in their hometown city of brotherly love. But Joni, Kim and Debbie have not responded to any requests from Kathy. Even fans want a full reunion - they have taken to social media expressing their hope for a reunion."

Kathy tells WENN, "I reached out to all of my sisters to reconcile and be a part of this historical moment and show the world that

we are family. I am being blocked from the concert by my sisters and, of course, I would like to be there."