Sir Paul McCartney "scares" screen legend Doris Day whenever he phones the reclusive movie star and singer in the middle of the night, because she always fears there's something wrong.
Day admits she has formed an unlikely bond with MCCartney and enjoys regular chats with the former Beatle - although the Brit often wakes her up with his late night trans-Atlantic calls.
She tells People magazine, "When he first called, I said, 'Who is this really?' He's a rascal! He calls me at 3am (from England) and scares me! I say, 'I'm sound asleep, what's the matter?' and he says, 'It's your buddy, Paul!'"
And MCCartney isn't the only celebrity eager to talk to Day - the 87 year old received a surprise call from The King's Speech star Colin Firth in January (11).
She says, "He told me when he was a kid he fell in love with me and wanted to meet someone like me. It was so cute because I had to say I really didn't even know who he was!"
But Day insists she welcomes the random phone calls, because they always brighten up her day.
She adds, "I love to laugh. It's the only way to live. Enjoy each day - it's not coming back again!"