Sir Paul McCartney has thrown his support behind a global campaign to save wild tigers.
The avid animal rights activist and longtime vegetarian is lending his name to TigerTime, which was established in June (11) by conservationist David Shepherd in a bid to raise awareness of the dwindling numbers of tigers left in the wild.
And the Beatles legend has urged his fans to sign a petition supporting the campaign.
He says, "Losing the wild tiger would be unforgivable. We need people power to save it! Please get behind this fabulous initiative. Whatever you do, wherever you live, your voice matters! Every signature makes the campaign stronger."
Shepherd adds, "The vast majority of people are shocked to the core when they hear that there are only 3,200 wild tigers left on earth. It is a shockingly low figure. Think of it this way - every wild tiger on earth could stand on just one soccer pitch! Getting that message out to people is vital if we are to save the wild tiger.
"Paul MCCartney has a huge following around the world. His support will help us to reach out to people in ever greater numbers. We are asking everyone, from every part of the world, from young to old to add their signature to our cause."