Sir Paul McCartney Spends Time with Family and Mourns Friend (Photos)

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Paul McCartney was snapped with his grandchildred out in Notting Hill today (15th Jan). Despite being an international superstar, McCartney remains a doting father and grandfather to all his extended family.

Paul McCartney with hiding daughter Beatrice

Sir Paul McCartey walks across the road with his Grandchildren

The Beatles front man doesn't fail to remember the importance of his closest relationships, and after the death of his friend and colleague Sir Richard Rodney Bennett on Christmas Eve, McCartney left a post on his website, clearly grief stricken.

The post is largely anecdotal and written from the heart. The time he spent with Richard, he said, "will remain in my memory for a long time" adding, "our time together [was] so special."

Continuing, he said: "I will miss his gentle but brutally incisive comments on music and life in general. I will miss his intelligence, quick wit and mischievous good humour. I will miss him."


Paul McCartney and wife Nancy Shevell

Sir Paul McCartney with his wife, Nancy Shevell.

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