Sir Paul McCartney paid tribute to Ringo Starr on his former Beatles bandmate's 71st birthday on Thursday (07Jul11) by performing a song in his honour and posting it online.
The rock legend was rehearsing with his band at a studio complex in London and asked an aide to film the practice session so he could wish Starr many happy returns.
He gave a shout out to his close friend and his wife Barbara Bach before launching into a rendition of The Beatles' track, Birthday.
MCCartney said, "Ladies and gentleman, today is Mr Ringo Starr's birthday. Cool guy, cool guy. He is celebrating in Hamburg, we are celebrating here in London town. We wish you a happy birthday. Yeah man. Have a great one. Love to you and Barbara."
And when the song finished, MCCartney couldn't resist a cheeky dig at Starr's real name, adding: "Happy Birthday, dear Richard."
The clip was posted on YouTube on Friday (08Jul11) and MCCartney took to his page to post a link to the clip alongside the message: "Happy 71st Birthday Ringo (07/07/2011)."