Sir Paul McCartney says his late ex-wife Linda had to endure a lot of ''s**t'' during their time in Wings.

The legendary rocker asked her to start the band with him, and the couple had to balance touring with raising their children James, Stella and Mary Anna - as well as Heather, from Linda's previous marriage to Joseph Melville See.

Paul, 70, reflected on their time in Wings and admitted while it was ''difficult'', he found the experience very ''rewarding'' and has enjoyed re-watching some of their old performances since her death in 1998.

Speaking to the Mail on Sunday newspaper's Event magazine: ''The memory overall of the 70s was that it was very difficult, but the fact it worked was really rewarding.

''So it's great to see Linda up there, rocking, looking great. 'Cause you sort of think, God, the s**t she endured, bless her. And here we are on stage, and it all worked out.''

The former Beatles bassist is also glad they had their children on the road with them, and revealed the rock 'n' life style didn't influence them too much.

He added: ''Well, the nice thing about anyone who's likely to get a bit crazy is they're normally not gonna do it around the kids.

''I've known some of the most legendary madmen in rock 'n' roll, but, when they're hanging out with me and the kids, they're unbelievable gentlemen. Someone like Keith moon was the world's greatest gentlemen.''