Sir Paul McCartney has banned staff from eating meat and accessing Facebook during the filming of a new promo.

The 71-year-old music icon - who has been a lifelong supporter of animal rights - has forbidden his production team from chomping on chicken curry, scrolling through social networking sites and consuming non-prescription drugs throughout the shooting of the video for his new track 'Queenie Eye'.

A source told The Sun newspaper: ''It was meant as a joke but, still, you would be out on your ear if you ignored the memo.

''Anyone found on Twitter, Facebook or nibbling a ham sandwich would be rejected immediately.

''Drug consumption might be harder to prove, but still... ''

The Beatles legend has been filming the clip at Abbey Road Studios in north London where Johnny Depp and Sean Penn have shot their cameo roles after Sir Paul asked them to be involved.

This isn't the first time the rocker has asked his employees to refrain from enjoying a meat feast, as he reportedly demanded all workers helping to set up his performance at the Mosaic Stadium during his Canadian tour earlier this year to be given a vegetarian menu.