Sir Paul McCartney warned The Coronas' bassist not to break up the band.

The indie rock band - comprised of lead singer Danny O'Reilly, drummer Conor Egan, guitarist Dave McPhillips and Graham Knox on bass - opened for the former Beatles bass player in Dublin in 2010 and Danny revealed Paul was happy to joke about his own departure from the legendary group.

Danny exclusively told BANG Showbiz: ''We opened for McCartney at the RDS venue in Dublin two years ago and he was great. He came down to chat to us and we all got our picture taken with him, he got the peace signs out and everything for us. He's a legend and it doesn't get much better than meeting a Beatle. We're all massive Beatles fans so it was great.

''He was pretty funny, he goes to us, 'Which one of you plays the bass' and Knoxy our bassist said it was him and Paul goes 'Make sure you don't break up the band'. All very tongue in cheek but it was great. He was really cool.''

The 'Addicted To Progress' singer also revealed the band were impressed with 69-year-old Paul's enthusiasm for music and said they hope to still be rocking at his age.

He added: ''We got to watch him soundcheck and he played all these songs that he didn't play in the live gig, he was just messing around with his band so he'd turn around to the lads and go 'Penny Lane' and they'd play it.

!Watching it was amazing, it's great to see someone like that still loving what they do, after all these years he was soundchecking for two hours.''

The Coronas' album 'Closer To You' is out now in the UK.