Sir Paul McCartney is convinced he is responsible for The Rolling Stones' reunion gigs, insisting his constant touring inspired them to hit the road again.

The Brown Sugar rockers got back together last year (12) to mark their 50th anniversary with huge concerts in London, New York, and New Jersey.

MCCartney made sure he caught their show in the Big Apple, and he is adamant his old pals Keith Richards and Sir Mick Jagger were prompted to tour again by his own love of playing live.

He tells NME magazine, "They wanna be part of what I'm doing. 'Cos (sic) I've been touring quite consistently. But it's what we do, it's the thing we're best at. And we've had a lot of practice and we've got a lot of music to draw from. So, it's really natural that if the Stones are getting on - which they are - they come out."