Sir Paul McCartney has stopped writing songs because he has so many.

The 'New' hitmaker has such a large number of tracks saved up which he wants to finish before he starts on another batch.

He told the Daily Star newspaper: ''I'm resisting writing any more songs as I've got so many.

''I got everything off my chest with 'New', and next I need to go through my pile of demo ideas.

''It'll be like cleaning out my attic - I know I should do it even though I don't really want to.''

The star's 24th solo album, 'New', was only released this week, but Paul's already looking forward to his next record.

He added: ''There are loads of songs I've started in the past couple of years that I need to finish off.

''Some are just sketchy ideas but I think there are a lot of strong ideas in my demos too, which I need to sit down and ­figure out how to finish.''

Although he's been famous since the 60s when he was a member of The Beatles, and has released many albums, the legendary 'Hey Jude' singer still gets nervous before a release.

He added: ''I try to keep my head down and not look at reviews because if I read a bad one it really throws me. There's a fascination with reviews that's like a road accident.

''I peer at them, thinking: 'God, I hope this is good,' and if it's not, my first thought is: 'He could be right.'

''But New generally seems to have had a lot of good feedback so I'm ­really happy about that.''